Florida, Supreme Court, CDC discussed on Sean Hannity


BO now the three things you need to three in a move that could have major implications Florida's Supreme Court reverses its two thousand sixteen ruling that a jury had to vote unanimously to recommend the death penalty the CDC says the second case of the corona virus has been confirmed in the United States this one is in Chicago the first one was in Seattle one opening arguments in the Senate impeachment trial continue with Democrats attempting to show how the president abused his power though that the eight was lifted alternately on September eleventh but it wasn't lifted for any legitimate reason it was only lifted because president trump had gotten caught don't forget you can listen to the trial in the news that a six point five W. D. B. O. apt impeachment trial they don't like it when the tables are turned your station should quit airing anything about impeachment why do you believe that the Senate can do the job of Congress and call witnesses say no they're boys guilty and don't want to call witnesses it's time for the voters to get them out both these crooked Republicans out this is where Orlando's voice is heard news ninety six point five W. DPO but I've got this pack of four Sharpay rescue dogs Jimmy coco another shar pei the one who is Joe I have stuck with the dynamite on my goodness probably five six years hi N. L. P. I. T. people remark on really how well my dog what beautiful coach they I told me up they get a regular diet a dynamite with every meal kind of fight yeah the trash and while I had to do was say dog food pandemonium they can be half asleep and they're thrilled you don't need to wait until the problem so far better to keep the dog happy.

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