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Don't know that i knew exactly where it was going right away you know i did wonder why is he taking a stand against dolores and like is he about to fight her and i hope not because i don't like your odds on that teddy considering what we saw on the season premiere and then once he starts saying like when she's like you don't want to hurt me teddy and he says no i could never hurt you dolores i'll protect you until the day i'd die that's a memorial own no oh gosh yeah and then so he kills himself and i thought that's an interesting choice because he he had the choice to and he made that choice visit because when she messed with his settings did she inadvertently give him more of a choice yeah that would be a great thing to to look up like what was what was the what's the amount of changes that were that were made to him is there a free will button that got you know like to put to ten but to eleven yeah her she's so genuinely shocked as we are and to kill himself by literally shooting his brain ball out because he knows what's thin there and that it is not a skin sudi kid she she gives up of the heart would kill him temporarily but his brain needs to be destroyed so just looking i've just pulled up that read it post from a long time ago that showed sidebyside what teddy's attributes were and then what they became post dolores and one of the things that shoots all the way up his courage gets maxed out his loyalty is is maxed out his aggression is maxed out his decisiveness is maxed out surprisingly his self preservation is max out so that doesn't really track his his bulk perception goes all the way to the top and i think when you combine those attributes and especially the bulk perception of somebody who can like really analyze what his reality is that tracks in terms of how he was able to tell that like it wasn't just like a complete zomba fixation of teddy where he's now just like sort of like a numb follower he knows what dolores did like he can tell like and that's why he's like snide about it in their previous interactions post change where his change me what's go i used to think that you know this is the way that things should be but you change that dolores like it's not like i feel different now or even him just like stating things as a matter of fact he all this time since he's changed has been like yeah that's what you did to me here time yeah if i may jackson the rather out there which is that if it's happening simultaneously it was what's happening that can each hugh and think maeve could have had something to do with this oh interesting because she's speaking to listening in to me she has her head is now a sort of an open speaker to other narratives and i feel like she and dolores even though they sort of bonded before delors left her there that there is there cleaning different paths and maybe she feels teddy's pain or sensitives and allows him to do it or at least like wakes up a little bit yeah because because maybe is all about choice so right that's what i saying it's so interesting to think about and they did cross paths yeah she was there with dolores when or he was there with dolores when they encountered maeve at the end of the attack of the mesa so that could that could they had they had a crossing of the pats it's so interesting to me in the episode you show that alleged human william men in black cannot kill himself but in hosts chooses to actually it's a really interesting it's dark episode man because it you know his wife killed herself to so again this is also they could never have known that we're all current contemporary word is so dark in it celebrities have been over there were more odyssey suicide is something that happens every day but you hear more about what it someone famous and it's happened a lot lately on definitely more sensitive to it and i don't expect shows on cable to destroy put a trigger warning but this was a very dark episode shares of bat it was very it was very dark.

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