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Alexandra Virginia resident with a smartphone catching what happened is a man engulfed himself in flames near the ellipse of the White House. Police cruisers seen rushing to the park as the blaze was extinguished. The man was taken to the hospital with life threatening injuries. In a statement, the secret service confirming that at twelve twenty this afternoon. A man lit himself on fire near fifteenth and constitution personnel assisted and rendered immediate first aid in politics. Former vice president, Joe Biden lease he's nearest presidential primary contender by eighteen points. A morning concept poll showing that Biden with support of thirty eight percent of democratic primary voters, Senator Bernie Sanders at twenty percent. The first round of the democratic presidential debates will take place in this summer. I on MSNBC and then in July on CNN and today, we learned that the DNC will make it more difficult for some of the two dozen candidates to make the stage when ABC is hosting the third round of debates in September. Leroy has the story for political earlier today. He explained this development, the changes here that the Democratic National Committee announced the requirements for people to qualify for the third and the fourth round of debate, and it's functional double enough. What people have to do any first route debates for the person a second round antedates needed one percent in three qualified pol- pole with the DNC counted. And he got sixty five thousand dollars or sixty five thousand dollars father now in the third and the fourth debates the later debate later on in the fall candidates will have two percent in four qualified pools of going from one percent. Two percent. One hundred thirty thousand dollars double the amount of donors. And now they teach you pick both. He early debates in June and July the only hit one with more than twenty candidates now in the race. Could this be the first phase of the filtering process before we get to the primaries and caucuses? Oh, absolutely ended the first round of debate and June and July, don't not candidate out, this certainly will right now it only if the debate held today, which of course, they're not. We the whole summer of campaigning ago only be about eight candidate who qualify. The later debate, the more strict qualification thirty democratic field could fairly comfortably say that they think they could be on the stage come you know, I'm the fall right now. There's plenty of the stomach to go visiting a lot of candidates. Did he find that donor number that one hundred thirty thousand donors beat up particular challenge for a lot of people of plenty of candidates? And haven't even half that Marquette and pull them to two percent doesn't sound like a high bar to path. It's not really a high bar fairly modest number two hit. But many, many do they have not hit two percents for national poll and four pole in the early states so that they don't make the debate stage. You know, some candidate will call a quick service. Not everybody will be like out for me. What are the lessons from two thousand sixteen in a very crowded, Republican primary? And how is the DNC applying those lessons in twenty twenty? The big thing that the being learned from the Republicans think decided they did not want a quote unquote. Kitty table debate. The debate earlier in two thousand sixteen where we been, particularly low polling candidates on the stage alone by themselves separated out from the high polling candidate Poland, the front runner is the people pull in about the threshold Democrats. You're mixing all these candidates together so you could very wealthy. You candidate Jill Biden been leading every single poll that is seen, especially since he announced bending right next door candidate done one or two, in a couple of polls, John Delaney. Former congressman from Maryland. One percent before poll. John Delaney, and Joe Biden could be standing right next to each other. These debates canyon is this process and folds in the fall as you're indicating today. This is going to change. Yeah. There's still plenty of time to go. You're putting us lock their stock didn't know if I was Joe Biden, if I was Kamala Harris, if I would even the judge I feel pretty confident that I'm going to be on the debate stage. It shows candidates who could right on the fringes, Castro someone like Kirsten gillibrand, Jay Inslee who you know, the summer they'll have to step up and maybe change some strategies. So they can hit full that donor threshold that hundred and thirty thousand dollars threshold, which is nothing between depakote it good chunk of donors, or, you know, somehow boosted polling numbers, the big be on the ground, more often in early states or what have you things will have to change some candidate, if they want to stage later on the headline at politico dot com. The DNC makes it more difficult to qualify for the third debate, the reporting of Zach Montelera joining us here in Washington. Thank you for your time. On Wall Street, the Dow fell again losing two hundred and twenty one points. The NASDAQ was off by sixty and the s&p down nearly nineteen and a half. And this money news from open secrets dot org on the financial net worth of the presidential candidates. Among the Democrats on the list, leading the list is former congressman John Delaney of Maryland worth as much as two hundred eighty million dollars. That's followed by former Texas congressman Beto overwork whose maximum net worth estimated at just over sixteen million dollars at the bottom of the list, Senator Kirsten gillibrand, whose net worth is two hundred thousand dollars and may mayor people to judge.

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