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Come into the drawing room, Doris, said O'Toole to marry, who is serving jelly from a big enamel basin. They'd had no nice bowl to put it in. It was red jelly with whipped egg white in it, but it hadn't set properly. She served in saucers and thought what a rough and ready party it was. There wasn't a proper cloth on the table either, just a plastic one, and no napkins, and that big basin with the jelly in it may be people washed in that basin downstairs. Will someone tell us a bloomin joke, said Hickey, who with getting fed up with talk about drawing rooms and flower beds. I'll tell you a joke, said long John salmon, who had been silent up until then. Goods said Rogan, as he sipped from his whisky glass and his stout glass alternately. Is it a funny joke, Hickey asked of long John salmon? It's about my brother said long John salmon, my brother Patrick, oh, no, don't tell us that old rambling thing again, Hickey said it once, and O'Toole not at his own protest. I'll let him tell it, said misses Rogers, who'd never heard the story anyhow, long John salmon began. I had this brother Patrick and he died, the heart wasn't too good. Holy Christ, not this again, said brogan recollecting which story it was. But long John salmon went on undeterred by the size from the three men. One day I was standing in the shed about a month after he was buried, and I saw him coming out of the wall, walking across the yard. Oh, what would you do if you saw a thing like that, Doris said to ethna? Let him tell it, misses Rogers said, go on long John. Well, it was walking toward me and I said to myself, what do I do now? Which was raining heavy and I said to my brother Patrick, stand in out of the wet, or you'll get drenched. And then, said one of the girls anxiously, he vanished, said long John salmon. Oh God, let us have a bit of music, said Hickey, who had heard that story 9 or ten times. They put a record on and no tool asked Mary to dance..

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