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Is listening to fox news see the potential for some showers and thunderstorms around as we go through the next couple of days warm humid tonight for seventy three maybe a passing storm a good chance of storms on Wednesday highs back up in the low nineties I'm meteorologist mark Thibodeau from the weather channel one oh six one FM talk next news in thirty minutes follow us on social media go to one oh six one FM talk dot com to connect when was the last time you heard anyone say you know kids just don't hear enough words all the words worth hearing play the radio today at nine AM I'm sure you have a record player on one oh six one FM and I heart radio station October sixteenth nineteen seventy two to congressman vanish and Alaska despite a massive search there never found the case goes called that is until I started researching it my name is John wall sack and what I found is one of the strangest stories you've never heard listen to missing in Alaska on the I heart radio at apple podcasts or wherever you find your favorite shows we put a whole lot of jingle sausage egg and cheese biscuit bundle of joy first we caught a light fluffy scratch biscuits until they're softer than John then we shower sausage patties with bowl seasoning in genuine compliments and finally we talked that through baby into a warm blanket of melted cheese get two sausage egg and cheese biscuit for just five Bucks because of this breakfast time this photo.

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