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The first person who i began to study was brian tracy brian tracy personal development and business guru says to be successful we absolutely positively have to find people who've already paid the price to learn the things that we need to learn to achieve our goals and that's what i did i studied absolutely everything he did from the way he built his businesses i read every book that he wrote every audio program that he created every academy and as a began to adopt his behaviors in his habits i began to up level my life and before long i was able to easily afford to invest in more profound trainings with him he had a profound effect on my life before i ever even met the man and eventually i became a millionaire honestly use my very first mentoring you always yours remember your first but i learned to up level my life because i didn't at the time have people i had access to my life there were at a level that i found inspiration or they could learn from so i i had to look outside of my immediate circle of influence for me that person was brian tracy and to this day i still feel a huge debt of gratitude to him in fact i have to say this may the principles in the ideas habits and so much of the successful thinking that i've come to take on is my own has and so greatly influenced by him sometimes they say things and then i'll reread one of his books and like oh wow i thought i made that up i'm like oh that's brian's original thought that's what happens when you allow someone to really influence the way you think in the way you behave in your habits and that is an important first step when it comes to up levelling any irib your life the next step is to become aware kinda take inventory when you think about this one era you want to improve think about the people who are in your.

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