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V C traffic. Randy Allah, Swiss TV meteorologist. What's going on? Yeah. Hey there, Tony. There's gonna be another cloudy kind of chilly, damp day out there nor money. Be a couple of snowflakes. Maybe little patchy freezing to wrestle early this morning. Hopefully no big deal. The high temperature of 34 partially clearing tonight down around 22 little bit colder Tomorrow. Some sunshine a bit warmer the high on Friday 38 degrees Saturday. Look for a light, wintry mix of some rain and snow. Developing Saturday afternoon in the Saturday night that may end of snow showers But right now not expecting much awaited accumulation, High tempered 42 Cloudy 40 Sunday employed next week. Start out Nice driving mile, but a big, quick shot of Arctic air coming in here, Tony that's gonna arrive on Thursday and continue into the day on Friday, which, by the way, his Christmas Day And that is Randy Alice. Right there, Randy, as always, Thank you. 29 degrees in the American Standard Heating weather Center of the time right now is 706 this hour on 93 WBC is powered by Pierce Jewelers, Carmel's Diamond fashion store. The vaccine is here. The shots are being given all in 2020. That amazing Tony Katz 93 wi VC. Good.

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