World Cup, Soccer, Clint discussed on The Bill Barnwell Show - No World Cup For USMNT


Scheduled friendlies with us in the runup to the world cup as sort of like a um let's try out some lineups and see what we've got uh and i think there will be a uh an unfortunate instinct by mainly us soccer to try and represent well and give fans hope and put out the best team that we've got as of right now and you know give clint some more appearance and stuff like that for me and craig yeah just blow it up let's go once you know bringing wants to makeni bringing emerson i'm in bringing the kids see who can handle bringing the in dudes bringing lyndon gooch bringing eric palmer brown bringing andrew carlton bringing all these kits bringing jumping in all compiler adams in and then then everyone and let's let's see what we got you know and political the everyone knew he was good they didn't think he would be this gift for the country to let you know but plug them in there and he became name america's best players so let's see what we've got last question for you nets cat who rerouting for now i have some that the us is not going to make it in the 2018 world cup i've turned on iceland i'm no longer than i if they are to trendy thirteen thank you for being with me on this every single person after us law like uh iceland they do too little chance i understand there it's a very charming country and cheap to fly do so a lot of people are age go and visit and have very take making people pictures yeah and i have no interest in that i'm still i i have been following this crop of belgian players for eight years now um.

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