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Of thirty five w. in. Fort Worth crews have been rebuilding a ten mile stretch of thirty five w. from downtown Fort Worth the Decatur cutoff north of Lupe twenty these workers. Have been out here in this heat every day working hard to build a road that is improving the mobility and the economy and our. Great great city Fort Worth city councilman junk Jordan says letting, a private company collect tolls, and managed lanes in exchange for paying for part of the project let textile carry out the expansion. Decade sooner the gas tax is not sufficient to build our highways the text press lanes are open. Tomorrow crews won't eat until the end of the year finished construction on interchanges downtown in Fort Worth Alan Scaia NewsRadio. Ten eighty KRLD active investigators from the sheriff's office. In Dallas county wanted to talk to a guy from okc lift this is about a fatal wreck that happened Saturday men involved in. An earlier wreck got hit by somebody that drove off he's done Some other witnesses sheriff's detective row arena says, they wanna talk with. Jeff body they've already been talking to people that possibly. Know him so they're trying like I said right. Now they're just trying to locate him and just talk to them they wanna they want to see if he has, a suspect or not so they need. To talk to them and ask questions the wreck happened on thirty five between market center in the medical district drive we've got pictures released by the sheriff's department on our website at. KRLD dot. Com Americans keep drowning in red ink and the numbers are getting worse in all banks made more than one. Hundred four billion dollars in credit card interest in Bank fees last year alone that's up eleven percent. This year thirty five percents over the. Last five years research says people will go deeper, into debt as the year goes on and. Interest rates are going to keep increasing because the feds raising rates as many as four times this year we could be on the. Hook for an extra two point two Bill. In interest before the end of this year because of those increases the children. Are back Home next the heat and the, dust is taking a toll on your health hi this is Mike Rogers with, Amanda Garrett and Scott sans we'll talk with an allergist. Amount that tomorrow on the KRLD morning slow thirty five w. is getting a lot better they're.

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