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And the nature of the game. It's like a tough man sport. You're gonna be grinding and banging into each other. And if it's snowing and slippery conditions like I still look like, have these These romanticized visions in my head when I was young, watching like the old school tapes like this when I was young, they were old school videos of guys with like blood and dirt coming off their hands. And then, just like that's football to me, like being pretty and nice and have a clean uniform. That was that I don't want. I don't want to see that No I, You know, I remember when I used to play Little league if I wasn't dirty, I would And I know this is ridiculous. And I did, but, you know, usually playing shortstop at that age and and and and like I said, sometimes you dive unnecessarily. Just gotta get dirty. You know people of the game. You want to look good, but I remember they refuse it like when you throw the ball around the infield in between innings like I remember like if nobody was looking, I would like Have a little dirt my hand and I get e just I loved being dirty and I loved it. I mean, you were you were the kid that was headfirst slide on the No. Throw every shot I take. I slipped in the street that I conquered. You better believe I was sliding on dirt, So I'm totally with you. Even Jack Youngblood. You know you had these visions that guy's missing teeth. The big offensive lineman with all the tape in the big white padded things like that. I'm with you now now. I've also sat enough World Series games in the Bronx and some other places, but specifically the Bronx where you know it's been 33 degrees out, and it's freezing. And the first pitches 807 you there until midnight. It's sub 30, and it's damn cold. But I've also been the games in San Diego with his palm trees far more enjoyable. It depends what you're looking for. Here's the quote from from Heard exactly says. Can't we just play every game inside is what he asked after the game, everything and everybody on the panel.

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