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The only show that matters. I'm your host gorgeous, George with me as always the devious, and dastardly goes our east coast my left. It's the bite analyst, Dan, Tom using the show today. Josh jumbo. Josh Becky, what's up guys. What? Killing like a villain. Yeah. No. I'm not. No. I'm just gonna hold back from icing my buddies. They don't do that. Okay. It's funner when you them, right? So here it comes. You all know, I have three good buddies that a lot of you have met. I have a lot of good buddies. But the these are three that I grew up with known for for a minute. Gabe, who doesn't have a nickname. Sometimes we call him junior or gays. His name gets butchered more than mine. Does it really do showed me a receipt? They call them cave cave. Yes. All right. And then squid and Woody right? Yeah. See them during March madness during the Super Bowl and other occasions. Well, two of them. I can't stand from the months of September two right about now because they're big Cowboys fans, and they shut the fuck up right answers the Cowboys keep winning. I got to put up with it. And that's fine. I'm willing to put up with it. But when you got a big old fat trap like they do. And you have an opportunity to go. Watch your team in the playoffs at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum, which is about an hour and a half minute drive for Woody in about a five hour drive for the squid even throw in traffic. If you're a hardcore fan like they say, they are you need to be at that game. Yeah. Scenario. First of all I kept hearing is. Yeah, we're going all the way, and we're going to be there. All right. You know at the time they were struggling, and I was like yet the cute guys. But it's not going to happen. Now, they're in the final eight and. They have a matchup versus the LA Rams. But last week they kept saying remember, we have this phone threat, text thread, and they kept saying hokey. So if eagles take out the bears, and we beat who they play the forecast thing who they play eagles and bears Seattle. And then we'd beat the Seahawks. Go to LA, man. We're so they're all they did that and they're not going. They kept doing that. I'm looking for tickets Woody with your squid, I found some here and there circling because now the phones isn't just words, it's emojis and texts and this and that then one of them throws out. A fun fact all I said was hey, you got your work cut out those teams that have had the by and their two weeks at home resting high winning percentage. Oh, man. It's going to be sixty five percent. Cowboys fans we're going to own that. That stadium. We as an against them them to and. Whatever else. The math works out to. I know from living in southern California that the Memorial Coliseum holds about ninety three thousand, but I wanna have simple math something to go with ninety and I'm gonna pretend they said sixty and not sixty five if sixty percent of that stadium. The ninety thousand seat stadium is going to be Cowboys fans that means nine times six fifty four thousand Cowboys fans are going to be there. What I found out tonight is that in the LA area and Vegas. There's fifty four thousand more hardcore fans than these two buffoons. Yeah. Well, we checked and those they sky rocketed the five hundred if you sit up I just turned off the phone. And so instead, I'm gonna go get a TV and watch it in my in my living shut up. Because you got me all fired up for the last two weeks about what you might be doing. And I'm living vicariously through them part of me is like damn why can't my Niners? Do that. Right. Yeah. But they're not. So there's doing it. Now, I am they're ready to push buttons. If they lose the first one that just laughed my azoff. But when they don't I will also take my medicine, and all I can do watch. All this the threat just keeps coming on my phone on my I message we're this..

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