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Now as injured this man you can't see you've never been able to see but you can here it doesn't say he was death he was bly so you hear that jesus is close by and you heard of jesus is very wellknown and you hear the people talking about your situation you condition why you are this way and what's wrong with you and who messed up in so you hear analysts who knows and then jesus star sum up i came to do the works of god and while it is day while there's life so this man has heard i'm sure he's heard that jesus can open blind eyes and when jesus open blind born amazes is he just touched him and his eyes were open so now this man has an expectation because he can hear he can here so he's expecting i'm sure is expecting jesus is going to heal me lucky barred may as you know he'd love people well check this out verse five over six one of my favorite miracles in the history of the miraculous after saying this jesus spin on the ground what are the next three works say made some mud with the saliva and put it on the man's eyes now some of yellow will it's holy spirit but but check this out is still spit i mean this poor guy he is the hits keep come in for this fellow you see what i'm saying is like all right here i am blind everybody else can see they're talking about what made me this way and i had no control over it and now here comes jesus and so maybe he is expecting when jesus shows up he's going to speak the word of healing you know be he'll site.

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