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But his dog books were great. And I have one of them about a coast guard dog. Tells about the coast, and then we'll go. Stormy. And it's it's essentially it is like a Chesapeake Bay kind of dog. Eat all those dogs kind of boxy. Yeah. There are fist if a dog Pat bad bed, and and that dog could save people and have many dog stories actually might want stormies, very good. But I'm going to close on this goes here. Here. Current favorite Doug story. Which is I was in Iceland. And I got pictures taken at a studio that was very fun. See my public works anyway. But the dog that I got to meet was the Tara for had a dog in the portrait studio, and I said to him like you say guy with the dog that is. Yeah. And it was kind of a Saint Bernard dog. And I said, and he said that's a nice dog. And he said to me she's a rescue dog. And I said, that's great. Okay. Then there was long pause into the man in record Iceland. What do you mean by that? And he said she used to rescue people in ice flow. The risk to. That's wizard any sign of her trying to rescue you at all shoes. Older Deng wearing a bit of a costume because it was a costume Porteous city anyway. But that's incredible. I was like smart dog. What does that mean out here? Okay. I'm sitting among your hours here beans what we've saved a twelve. The same credit saving a life. Balloon fourth. Oh my God. Jack is stories are in critic normally at the very end we play game called name that dog where we bring up one dog that has been mentioned, you gave us so many options that I'm now going to let you choose would you like to name it robot dog a beagle. Or an Irish setter. Oh, my. Head of us. You know, I think I would like to name a robot dog, and I would doggy twice. I would like my robot dog to be sort of a Butler dog and his name to be Randall. Yes. That would be lovely nine dog name. That's a real good name Randall Randall Randall the robot does that down drop it drop it. Ration- loaded. See I should have do. Yeah. You know are there. Do we have plans? Jimmy knows that I want to. Okay. But I am on the road said you would have I would have had any dogs. I can't have a dog right now. And so we we don't have a dog. But. But we do have a lot of feral cats keeps capturing and taking fix nation that we have less feral cats. But they're fun because he likes to there's one whenever we go in the garage just since. This table is rep of the window and stares inside the garage while we're in the garage going on there that was buttercup wall or butter that I'll anyway, so then there's another cat that sits right by the screen door in the front yard for door waiting for us to move. If you could leave. Space hoping to. Station about it. Terms. That's jet. Black cat and jet. Just anytime. You wanna move this leave the door? I feel certain that the crossover of our audience, and you is pretty strong. I feel like everyone is already a fan of you. If they've just discovered the world's best dog movie and book reporter where can people find we're in live and work, and they find you online, and it's K H I N. And if you go to Jackie Gatien dot com, you will see.

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