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Week with advanced care providers doing most of the care and ended up selling that business a number of times ending in two thousand fifteen for right about a half a billion bucks so it gave me an opportunity to hang out with on beers by mcdonald's turn it into laundry mat with some friends and learn about bitcoin mining naciria mining the mcdonald's that That we got through that in their very casual we went to Charlotte and i'll never forget this. We pulled up to it. And jason was like this is a good one and i was like what kind of run down he goes. Yeah let me show you. And the three things that he he Immediately called out was one. It was like a structurally sound building was really big. The whole thing too was have massive parking lot and then three was. He's admirably says something to the effect of like look around and we looked around. There's always busy goes if everyone goes down. We all go down together around here. Like mcdonald's put it here right like they must've done studies. And and all this stuff in terms of foot traffic and driving and and demographics of the neighborhood like all that and Mcdonald's wasn't leaving the area. They were just going across the street so in ended up. Who was like look. You gotta sri sound building is really big fits what we need to got big parking lot and like. I think it was acre to come that it came with and then it basically wasn't mcdonald's so that all the democratic said he's like we just ride their coattails. Appreciate you studying the the local area for us. You don't want to and it goes back to the original question. You asked me around like if i was a twenty five thirty year old. What kind of strategy would i deploy. This is one of those strategies because i'll ask pomp as a young person who got invested in a pretty significant piece of of infrastructure commercial real estate. How many mortgage payments have you made on that zero zero zero so you don't need money to make money..

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