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Cahan to be detained in November for alleged attack on his father but to Blasio sanctuary city policy is that illegal immigrants are only turn over the ice ages for serious felonies he was least weeks later that Cahan was charged in the killing of ninety two year old Maria fortis come on his time eight fifty time to get to our propellant turns money update Boeing orders have fallen to their lowest level since two thousand three and cancellations are out number sales those are signs of how badly the crisis surrounding the seven thirty seven Max's damage the company Boeing says it took two hundred forty six orders for new commercial airplanes in two thousand nineteen meanwhile American Airlines is taking the Max out of its schedule for two more months until early June and cancelling thousands more flights Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says his company will invest one billion dollars to bring small and medium size businesses online in India and expects to export ten billion dollars worth of India made goods by twenty twenty five Basil's his visit comes amid criticism from small business owners who accused the company and warm arts Flipkart of unfair business practices that's your money now Jennifer could Shinko komo news stock markets off the Dow Jones industrial average is above twenty nine thousand it's up one hundred sixty seven points the S. and P. is up about fifteen points the nasdaq is up forty one it's eight fifty one and coming up food ads on TV I'm her voice bomb with what parents of young children should know you know I trust my windows and were projects to my friends Holly exteriors they are having their first ever window Wonderland sale just in time for these cold cold days save a hundred seventy five dollars off the price of a new window he's at the Good Housekeeping seal of approval when those look like real would've made right here locally in the northwest you could save up to twenty six hundred and a quarter of a new window package of fifteen or more windows plus up to seven hundred fifty dollars off a new roof replacement on approval of credit I gotta do pick up the phone call eight triple three Harley schedule a free in home estimate of is it honey exteriors dot com is it time to cold season is here and right now at Walgreens get select fix Michael decal sign it's include therapy products for only nine ninety nine each with card get in and out in minutes so you feel better faster Walgreens trusted since nineteen no one uses directed restrictions may apply see store for details elements are through January eighteenth the chill never find another like the capitol one favor card you were four percent cash back on dining and retain that four percent cash back on milk shakes with four percent to get extra out of the show one four percent on dining and four percent entertainment what's in your wallet Hey guys it's Taylor you can buy my new album lover Taylor swift dot com terms apply to other one bank USA NA was homeowners I'm here again with Tyler tap water service manager for Apollo plumbing Tyler I understand you're the guy homeowners will meet when they call Apollo plumbing about high water bills are white patches in their yard low water pressure or questions about old galvanized piping yes I am Tom and typically I find two options for stopping the leak find and repair it which is just a bandaid or we can replace entirely without even doing IT French this is the trenchless technology we've talked about before right correct all do a thorough investigation.

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