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Used by over three million businesses for hiring where business owners and HR professionals can post job openings with screener questions then sort review and communicate with candidates from an online dashboard learn more at indeed dot com slash higher a bizarre crime utility pole stolen hi everyone I'm Kevin ogle in the news for news room coming up tonight at six what you can look for to help track those poles down it was what they were stolen when plus we're learning new information about it officer who is accused of beating his girlfriend the alarming details and what led to his arrest also those temperatures manner going the wrong way they're going up is there any relief in sight especially for your week at well Mike Morgan as always is tracking your forecast and he will have the very latest for you tonight at six on Oklahoma's news for I'm Kevin ogle for newsradio one thousand Katie okay if your tired of dealing with readers are bifocals have your free exam a clear side by September thirtieth and get a free pair of ray ban Oakley or Maui Jim sunglasses with your laser lens replacement to call seven three three twenty twenty or visit their site dot com do you have sleep apnea are you tired of dragging your big bulky C. pap device with you whenever you leave home yeah well I was too that's why I'm so glad I called to try to transcend many see Pat for ten nights I can't imagine living without it now my transcend many C. pap is about as small as a soda can and weighs less than a pound that's less hassle to carry them my shaving kit plus I was able to add a battery pack that's as tiny as a deck of cards and that's not all.

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