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Did you do the meeting okay. I didn't immediately after the incident and Weinstein's office in two thousand four Lucia Evans struggled to get through the promised meeting with Weinstein casting director and remember the table feeling so begging meters feeling tiny like tiny tiny person at the other end of it. It's like a little shadow of myself. She never wound up working with Weinstein in fact when she went back to school that fall she only performed in a couple more roles before giving up theater entirely. She says she just couldn't act couldn't access parts of herself. She used to be able to you know after the assault I was so closed off. I struggled with so many things things you know. Let's depressed Iowa substance abuse problems all sorts of eating issues. I actually just saw video. That one of my parents best friends said-made of me and and two other friends when I was eight or something and just playing and acting and performing an ice. I could barely stop. Stop crying when I when I saw that because it was just surreal and I just had so much confidence. I didn't give a shit. You know it was just it was just me. I'm trying to get back to that person and I'm finally starting to but I mean it's it's really took that away from me for so long I remember just thinking. I wish my parents would tell me that it was okay that it happened. Like how are they going to tell. May they didn't even know what happened. But I kept saying when I have kids. I'm going to tell them that if this happens to them. Okay and talk to me about it. I guess what's interesting to me about the dangling. A career help that we see over and over again in these stories is key when he defends himself publicly talks about this. Like it's exculpatory. Sorry like the fact that he offered to help people and use that as an enticement means that those people were then consenting somewhere buying buying into it in some way but of course that's not the case and you were drawn in to the extent that you consented to a business meeting exactly. That's it totally reasonable thing is it. Producer was an aspiring actress. Say someone had other ambitions and met up with him even if it was at a different place in his office and it wasn't consensual. They're not no one's called.

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