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The third as for goes in ninety days for god is the only one three to one anyway yeah yeah I showing well yeah they when they when ninety seven and sixty five in ninety three so you are correct the yeah anyway I will rocky's the three D. in the one we played about on your right Ryan our J. Sally also had over twenty that season you reason it out right but one with the wrong answer they were eighty one eighty one early manual other than his last season we aspire never had a losing his manager the Phillies Cesar was correct for go see an answer by me saying one because I thought they were five hundred I thought you gonna say the reason that you're like a thought there five one yeah maybe they weren't so anyway out a wins a win that is number ninety nine they might be the first time that the majority of the listening audience is happy that you are there well kinda I needed a way all right let's talk to Dan who they took the L. then you were you took the other day yeah it's awful it's done definitely a lot tougher on the air yeah well there you go Hey Dan are parting gift for you is no parting gift what can you do you know I'm happy I got through third in the on a roller it was right there but Dan thank you this afternoon Sir for plan a game we call beat the hammer thanks bye I thank all right that means right now in the contest sign and we'll do it right now we'll take caller number three in honor of Allen Iverson caller number three in the contest line contest line number two one five six two five sixty six eighty one third caller you can win a five hundred dollar cozy jewelers gift card a shot that music down.

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