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Testing the mastermind so i'm just gonna let a few of you in at a low price and it's already filling up quickly so if you want to get in i'll let a few of you in so go to tie lopez dot com slash bitcoin podcast all one word by lopez dot com slash bitcoin podcast if the course is closed when you get to the page put in your name in the waiting list you missed out on the first round uh if you see it welcome to the group glad you didn't procrastinate okay back to the show proof of work meaning there are mining rigs that generate a certain amount of hashish is based upon the algorithms complexity and assuming that the algorithm has a difficulty bomb which mathematically years illustrated quite simply as a logarithmic difficulty curve it becomes increasingly more difficult to increase tokens and distribution fire hash reward hints the chart tends to operate as a lager rhythm or a log function okay so that's calculus but in terms of basic parlance for those in the cryptocurrency community we call it the difficulty bomb and this terminology is usually specified in the distribution mechanism distribution terms it's usually inside of in most white papers ice in some cases where you know it's excluded all the talk about us the technology concept but not necessarily the distribution schedule and stuff like that but this is very important to know because without it you don't know how much a dilution you might experience as a result of new token issuance is down the road whether there is a cap on the number of tokens or cryptocurrency or if the cap is going to be unlimited meaning that people could use proof of steak proof of work to keep mining for them forever you see a lot of different case scenario so again distribution and distribution terms are very important you have to look for them in these white papers that you understand what the longterm potential of these cryptocurrency projects are going to be.

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