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A little call Jack Callahan fox news the thirty general will be a bar ordering it outside legal review of the case against the former national security adviser Michael Flynn was fired by president from for lying to vice president pence just twenty four days after the president was sworn in now fox news has learned the justice department is recently opened an inquiry into the circumstances surrounding the F. B. I.'s interview of flair in while he served as national security adviser Flynn pleaded guilty to giving false statements to the FBI during that interview but recently asked to withdraw that plea Jeff Jensen a prosecutor from the US attorney's office in Saint Louis has been assigned to review the Flinn case and whether the FBI acted properly fox's John decker the White House the justice department has also decided against charging former acting FBI director Andrew McCabe on charges that he lied to federal investigators also Friday former trump political adviser Roger stone asked the judge in Washington the grant hill do trial stole was convicted of lying to Congress and witness tampering in connection with the Russia investigation would corona viruses L. killed more than fifteen hundred people in China the number of infections exceeds sixty six thousand hundreds of Americans aboard that stricken cruise ship anchored off Yokohama Japan will be released and evacuated to a US military facility for further quarantine with the two hundred people aboard the diamond princess of tested positive for the virus passengers continue to leave the SS western dam permitted to dock in Cambodia American ambassador Patrick Murphy continuing to assist the Americans would Billboard today's plans.

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