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Free throw shooter in getting to the line in absolute ton. And also, I think Embiid has a lot of room to grow offensively. I mean, he takes a lot of threes. I think he can make more of them than he has. And if he can or turn down his turnovers tone down turnovers like that would be a huge improvement off a guy who's already very efficient, very dominant. And I also think that my this is just my instinct that part of what was a loose tiebreaker for me is that the idea of the affirmative case that I think three or four months. Now, I could feel more comfortable about where I have in bead maybe than yoga yoga's could have a great playoffs. Do I'm not for closing on that possibility. But if I were to guess who I'm going to feel better about after this playoff run. I'm gonna go with Embiid over over yoga, and that's part of what made decision so you had Yokich to and towns three I had towns four I had Yokich. I had him below go bear did defense. Offense thing is part of it. But Yokich, so I think we, and I mean, we sports media should start talking about Yokich is one of the best offensive players in the league. There's a lot of the forest center type stuff with yoga. I don't think we should do that very much anymore. I mean, he's fifth in offense of RPM. He's high in PI PM. He's the Lynch pin of one of the best offenses in the league. And this isn't a new thing. Denver there eighty nine percentile offensive rating when he's on the four this year they were ninety six percentile last year and ninety eight percents out of the year before he is their best offensive player. And makes a lot of what they do work you and I both love Jamal Murray. But Yokich is a big part of why joe-marie has been so successful. Yeah. And if you really gonna look at the rest of their offense when they have guys who are capable. But I mean, they don't have another guy on this offense that would get even remotely serious all-star consideration besides him. And I mean, the the eleven point six assists per one hundred possessions, the second highest among centers is Marcus oil at seven point one and a yoga is easily the best passing center of all time. Like, there's the statistics are so much higher that no one else even as close to an argument what imports and beyond that of their twenty two players in the league. They have a USA trait over twenty nine right now and it played a significant portion of the season Yokich just third and assist ratio behind west Perkin trae young that list includes a lot of guys with the ball in their hands a lot. He's really facilitating Denver's offense. Yeah. And he has also brought his usage up in past years. I mean, I do think if you put someone on him in the post is a real good post of enter I think he could be he could be stopped as far as it is individual offense. You can know get him the ball on the perimeter. He can run pick and roll with. And his hands. He can come off screens. I mean there there are it's very difficult to shut him down. Even if he's not a dominant one on one player where you just are just gonna dump it to the post this guy to give a bucket. I hit towns above him for a couple of reasons, I think one towns to me as a little bit more defensive potential, and where's Yokich? I think you could make the argument that yoga Cha's been better than him in the regular season defensively. But I do think that towns it is less exploited people and with look better in the playoffs. So there will never gonna find out the answer that 'cause the wolves are are just one of the more hopeless franchises in the NBA. Unfortunately, Antic because of towns miserable first month all the Butler drama like what he's done since. Then and what he's in the second half of the season. I mean, it's just absence ever to thirty one. Would you want his all star break post all-star break stats only? I pulled him. Yeah. Thirty points, fourteen and a half rebounds sixty five percent shooting on thirty four percent usage. Forty six percent. From three percent usage. Thirty four coal, man. Man and sixty five.

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