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Game two of the NFL conference championships the Packers and forty Niners on seven hundred WLW out to the outside not trying to to allow anything down the field just drop off the little screen lots of space there near Jones always does a great job a sniffer that goal one final release the ball into the endzone Mason Crosby on for the extra point good snap good leases out kick up good eight forty forty go the third San Francisco twenty seven Green Bay seven this is Westwood one's coverage of the NFC championship game is the air in your home healthy if you have a musty leaky basement is probably not Hey Gerry Solomon here call ever dry waterproofing no fix your basement permanently and give you a healthy home for your family ever dry waterproofing call for free baseman inspection today those serving in our military they're the difference makers separated from family in during hardships far from home sacrificing for the country serving in a different country well for those of us who support our armed forces through the U. S. so we get to make a difference to through the U. S. so we get to be the force that delivers the phone call between spouse and deployed servicemembers the force that brings new born in new parent together through a delivery room video chat and the force that make sure our military serving seven thousand miles away gets to watch the big game from a U..

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