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The problem it may orders federal way bellevue auburn of also banned injections sites but many have suggested the county will work around that by putting one in an unincorporated part of the county carleen johnson komo news still ahead as some of the president's comments today that are catching a lot of people off guard and charlottesville virginia and around the country now time for our aaa traffic keira jordan looks like khris if this crook cleared a longterm crashing burlington northbound i 5 at two our top of road but it's left us with really busy traffic for about three and a half miles in the area southbound i five is getting distracted in slow from highway 20 and we also have reports possible the crash southbound i 5 near center drive i am seeing crazy heavy slowing as you approach the area fill and that we do have something blocked that i haven't founded on the cameras yet we're seeing slow go for much of the drive on northbound i5 tweet michigan up into the shoreline area south on ninety nine is busy from mercer toward the stadiums northbound horrify with scattered slowing from south saturday as sunsets southbound 167 with scattered slowing in canton then it gets heavier as you make your way out of auburn pacific they'll be the southcenter thirty nine minutes lynnwood to seattle a 35minute drive your next report's at three fourteen i'm kiera jordan on komo news thanks kiera psat wayne with our forecast golfer over plenty of loose guy out there and temps in the upper set these even if you low 80s later this afternoon that good here for the rest of the workweek has plenty of sunshine attempts to the upper 70s continue unsettling to the komo weather center and we've got fair skies and 75 degrees in seattle twenty minutes of nonstop news continues on komo at three o six president trump says there there is blame on both sides for the violence in charlottesville over the weekend he answered questions at a contentious press conference at trump tower today it was a moment blamed yes i think this blame on both sides you look at us both sides i think this blame on both sides and i have no doubt about it you don't have any doubt about it either and if you reported it accurately you which sure.

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