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Host and author of no he candy odds already come ready anthony scaramucci is the party as the white house communications director john kelly who is the new incoming chief of staff requested to cut it clear the deck evidently that debt got clear kevin mchale a welcome breaking news this afternoon and the president is getting ready to address the country we we may hear some of what he has to say in a moment as well but i wanted you to hear that was john roberts who just walked off his white house perch to report that this is what's happened this afternoon they have reshuffled the deck chairs once again this time anthony scaramucci who had just joined the team in the white house ten days ago will now be packing his bags cut seven anthony scaramucci is party as the white house communications director outside sources have confirmed what we already knew through other sources that uh john kelly who is the new incoming chief of staff require did to clear the decks and scare emoji it looks like is now going to go back to the export import bank where he was working before he was also in line to be the ambassador to the organization for economic cooperation and development in paris we don't know where that nomination will now go ahead but we do our that is going back to the export import bank at what we do not now and this remains an open question we up to find out soon is does this mean that sean spicer is going to stay you know the whole hierarchy of the communication shop at the white house harris worst changing sean spicer was going to be elevated to a position of a deputy chief of staff overseeing but the press secretary tend to communications director quit scare came in a week ago thursday for a week ago friday rather for that meeting he told the president that he did not want to report the sean spicer had sean spicer saw this as big an untenable situation where he didn't want to be sort of the under league in the communication shop after being with the president so long so he tendered his resignation deserted as he put it clear the decks said the president could in his own team but now the john kelly his command we have yet another clearing the decks so anthony scaramucci whose tenure lasted about ten days his added the communications director going back.

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