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End -to -end hiring solution. Attract, interview and hire candidates all in place. one Visit indeed .com slash credit. 803 here on WTOP, Monday evening July 3rd, 2023. Scattered storms in 75 at Fort Belvoir Good evening, I'm Dimitri Sotis with the top local stories were following this hour. Storms continue to hit part of our area. They may be delaying your holiday getaway or maybe you're just trying to get home and relax. Start the barbecue and the on celebrations July 4th. Well, let's get the latest live tonight from WTOP meteorologist Mike Stennifer. And we are seeing storms scattered west of Interstate 95 right now. So the heaviest storms in northern Loudoun County from Luckins to Pointer of Rocks then across the river to around Ballinger Creek in Urbana on 270. More heavy thunderstorms Interstate crossing 70 just north of Damascus. So we'll keep a close eye on those cells. Other cells now moving through Fairfax County and getting ready to hit the, in fact, crossing the McClain area on Beltway the and get ready to move to the American Leisure Bridge. And we're seeing more cells popping up along Interstate 81 and I 66 in the Front Royal area and those are also coming our way. Atmosphere is still a little unstable. Temperatures still in the 80s and 90s across portions of the region. The dew points are high. So the severe thunderstorm watch continues until 10 o 'clock. Still could couple be a more warnings here over the next couple of hours. The main threat will be damaging winds and some very heavy rainfall. Then tomorrow the Canadian wildfire smoke comes back into the region because we have a code orange air quality alert and especially late tomorrow into tomorrow night we start to see a lot of fireworks across the region. I think we're going to start to see some really bad air quality and the main offender will be particulates from both the wildfire smoke and from the fire fireworks that go up around sundown on Tuesday and Dimitri I'll be back in just a couple

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