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The church's word joseph smith declared himself one of these profits based on his visions and communication with heavenly beams it wasnt long after the publication of the book of mormon that smith welcomed his first practitioners in the beginning the church was unified and without the fundamentalistscontemporary distinctions most members including smith practise polygamy the early church of jesus christ of latterday saints viewed plural marriages as a commandment from god and though not all men chose to take more than one wife those that did were revered in the religious community in fact smith preached that any men who married at least three lives would reach the highest level in heaven smith preached his religion fervently despite the criticisms he received from other christians it's important to note that smith was a powerful religious leader but he certainly wasn't a cult leader he cared for his followers wellbeing he built a strong safe community for his followers and began the church's tradition of abstinence from al a halt tobacco coffee and tea he encouraged his fellow mormons not to believe that the church was real because he was a prophet but rather he was a prophet because the church was real smith however was also known to be a bit impulsive and temperamental he often got into brawls with non mormons over their criticisms of his faith because of their clutch traverse your belief in polygamy smith that his followers were constantly on the move a were rarely welcomed and the communities they visited however in 1830 nine smith led his congregation to commerce illinois where he managed to get elected as the town's mayor shortly after smith change the town's name to nabu which means beautiful place in hebrew this brazen act raised tensions with non mormons enough who and the surrounding areas in the locals eyes smith at his followers were taking too much power it began a series of skirmishes between the mormons and the other townspeople in fact one of the churches runins with angry locals was what led to joseph smith.

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