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Will help you bring your hands back without even recognizing doing it. Do this three minutes. Three rounds those drills with the slip bag in the stretch band. Get you some two pound weight. So in the Bill up your speed, and your punches also you're going to have to hit a bag man, a heavy bag to build up resistance in your hands. I I've been having my bag over ten years of my garage. If I go without two weeks without hitting that bag, and I go back and start well on that bag if my wrist and the fuck up my hand, so you got to build up their resistance because you'll poke around in punch, and and that's you'll feel. Let vibrate. All the way up to your back. Okay. I'm gonna have some more pointers for you. But you got this. My brother inside out to the other fighter. Connecticut word is born Mike is going to be ready for you brother, y'all. Another topic. Wow. They're in AJ, the argument we've been having day in and day out. Why to fight is not happening is because of money if they keep up around letting this fight marinate, they're going to miss out on the big bag that same money being throwing around right now might not be there later if either. Joe thanks for calling in. Joe you need to call Mike off air may giving away all the pointers his his opponent in chat right in aid thing down because he listens soon as might try to tell their James he was called out as appointed with super chairman. They're I stop lying fam-. Stop back. Okay. But I'll take all the vice also. I hope you get all of the buildings fucking love. It y'all ready is like he's like your nemesis for real. Like, he got the snappy one liners. He like, yeah, I'm gonna take all that advice. You know, you keep it real gave it. I keep telling you I want to be in the best shape. The best for me. He's ever been gone. Just just come my way. Better. You gotta talk to Marie CO, man. We don't don't don't fucking. 'cause they I say Marie THEO with them would have people. Now, don't don't blame areso individ-. Right. The email. I know the Senator Chan I write Email. I noticed senators all you need to know. Would you talk them out, man? We're gonna get this sanction. Big stab, y'all. Let's go out to our mastermind. Joseph talk to me. When I came in late..

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