All large summer events in Boston canceled, Marty Walsh says


The the mayor's mayor's biggest biggest announcement announcement yesterday yesterday was was the the cancellation cancellation of of large large events through Labor Day I means festivals no parades no fourth of July fireworks here's WBZ-TV's to Shawnee willow we do not envision at this point this summer when all makes sense to have large scale crowds gathered in close contact for any prolonged period of time that means the Boston pops will not take to the hatch shell this is the most popular so we're disappointed that due to COPD in nineteen we are forced to cancel this year's appearance they instead will perform a TV and online concert honoring frontline workers and those who lost their lives to the virus with the uncertainty over the virus's spread the mayor decided to cancel all major events for the next several months popular gatherings like the Caribbean festival St Anthony's feast in the north and feast on hiatus watching the red Sox at Fenway remains unknown even the league's himself having committed to coming back and playing so there's a lot of discussions left to happen the city will look at smaller events on a case by case basis already organizers of concerts with road races and flag raisings urge to look for alternatives the pops will instead present a virtual tribute to the frontline workers and honor those who lost their lives

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