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You're listening to all things considered on WNYC. I'm Jamie Floyd with me this afternoon Jacqueline Cincotta, and I want to say thank you to everybody who's contributed during the fundraiser so far five days. It's a bit quick. Feels quick to us. Hopefully. It felt creek to you. That's the whole point. Here. We are. Day, five the last day of our all the money in half the time effort, because that's really what it was. It's a risk that we took we said, we're going to cut the pledge drive in half. Whether we actually raised all the money and half the time that was the big question. And this is the first time we actually tried tried out one of these all the money and half the time fundraisers, in our spring drive, and, you know to be honest to be transparent. We are not tracking to the goal as we had hoped we would be, and that's you know, it's understandable. Those goals are super high twice as much money each day when you cut the drive in half, so we are tracking behind, and that is why we're thinking that, you know, today could be the most important fundraising day of the year for WNYC so your participation now is really crucial. And so appreciate it. If you can make that call to eight three seven six nine six nine two eight eight eight three seven six WNYC or make that pledge online at WNYC dot org. We're calling out to those of you who have been listening to WNYC. I see maybe you found us last year or in recent times and you've been appreciating what you hear on WNYC. It sounds a little different because it is a little different because our single largest source of funding comes from you from listeners who use this service, and that keeps us beholden to you and not to corporate interests. So if you have been listening and wondering why did he do these crazy on air pledge drives? They're so disruptive. We know they're disruptive. But honestly, it's the most efficient way for us to reach new listeners and explain how our funding model works, and ask for your voluntary contribution. And that's what we're doing now and we're not asking you to break the Bank..

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