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Uses director for fourteen days to treat frequent heartburn not for a media really well it is twenty one to ten and Lincoln Kennedy what are your thoughts about what we saw in the first half well you start on like gang busters in the first quarter which is great for the raiders to be able to jump up to the kind of spider in the second quarter be honest if the colts had a couple of opportunities they weren't able to take advantage of the rate is a very fortunate or the score might be a little bit different with you as you and I both know no leaders say the National Football League so it's absolutely imperative that the raiders defense start off on a high note and get off the field as quickly as possible without giving giving up three points in scope for this opening drive overall Derek Carr completed twelve of twenty four hundred and seven yards and two touchdowns. Jacoby Brissett completed only nine of twenty four eighty yards and the one five yard touchdown. targets for receiving Waller continues to lead the way for the raiders six targets six catches for fifty yards seventy yards was the long one and of course the touchdown passes Moreau his first of a writer and Williams is for the past twelve. we'll go back deep under way in the second half the writers have kicked it off. nasco runs up to the five ten fifty trips down twenty four yard line in the first down a ten for Jacoby Brissett. nice seventeen yard return a little bit short of the. twenty five yard line great covers at south by day love it as well as his son Nixon on cover can special team so. it is here we go the throughout the Stevens label to do third quarter. world news out there Morrow. Johnathan Hankins remember perfect was ejected from the game target to target hit. against tied in Doyle so white head sets the defense's. joiner. comes over to the right side of the formation because one of the tight ends. that will open the second half under center play action now is really hard to the right by time throws out knocked away by worldly good defense on that pass they'll be second down in ten look like from the start the raiders were expecting something like that why bring AmeriCares now and and and the markets joiner representing a.

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