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At gallatin still have a stalled eighteen wheeler in the right lane now a heavy duty record is on the scene but still there's a pack of past park boulevard in dallas southbound seventy five before knox henderson two right lanes still gone because of this crash so it's a stop and go delay from park lane and in garland things really filling in northbound six thirty five before centerville ferguson the crash was moved to the right lane but the delays now all the way back to highway eighty in mesquite randy fuller with a new problem near downtown dallas eastbound woodall at the end of the tunnel there's an accident two left lanes blocked and cars may have quickly driven away from the scene but the backup stretches out to about thirty five thanks to paul for all the information on the carollee traffic tip line east dallas westbound thirty ferguson curve there's a stall eighteen wheeler in the left center lane it's stop and go from highway eighty and west alice northbound loop twelve walton walker at thirty the accident is blocking the left lane one lane service road is closed right nearby and there's a large backup past illinois twenty minute delay in the backup jillian rogers for the look at quite fine yeah one fourteen didn't think he'd like that john eastbound from william detail it's going to be a few minutes over to international parkway continuing into las colinas that's a nice trip it's posted speeds all the way over to at least beltline one fourteen coming in from southlake looks good too so it's just that very brief stretch at the northwest end of the airport that you're going to see a slowdown airport freeway east coming from eight twenty that'll be a stop and go scenario from twentysix over to about precinct.

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