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I am your ringmaster James t Harris president has been right about so many things we have the caravans that are coming up. And I when I call them caravans, I mean, caravans of the illegals people if they were -serily. Sincerely, trying to apply for asylum. They would apply for asylum with Mexico. Mexico offered them that they said, no, we're going to America. And then just March up here now. They had helped this was financed and is still being finance, and they're not just been offering rides and that kind of stuff. These people have been taking care of these people have been paid to get on that bus. And it seems that every move that the president makes the left is there to thwart him. He signed executive orders to say in order for you to apply for asylum. You have to enter into the country legally known wake could do that has come through the ports. Today. We had a judge who put a stay against that said it was unconstitutional. Again, it's exhausting. Every move. The president makes you had the left there to use the courts to try to stop them. This is what this is showing you why they win so apoplectic during the Cavanaugh hearings because they have to have the court if the let lose the court they have nothing nothing. America doesn't like their policies America's not going to pass their policies. You saw what they had to do to get it through the the ObamaCare through both houses of congress. It was unconstitutional. I don't know what they had over judge Roberts. But this shows you how important the courts are. So here we are the president puts up executive order. And now, we got some some asset. Judge Obama appointee saying on counsel, eventually kicked up to the supreme court. And oh my goodness. It is constitution because this falls within the president's powers. The powers of the executive branch. Mark stein. Wait in on the courts action against the latest one the asylum. Executive order, and he shares my sentiments that you know, you know, I I kind of want to see the president just pushed back in defy the court. But but but but but we do have rule of law. We have to play it out. And this is part of the game that the media is is should say Democrats are playing I don't actually like the idea of judges overturning the the the executive orders of the president. And I actually think it's it's out of control. It's absolutely ridiculous. One judge can actually wipe out national policy. Yeah. Yeah. I don't understand that. If you if you wanted to be ruled by guys in robes, you should've stuck with Georgia fat. I'm just saying that as a Canadian he had better roads. From anything else? But I think this whole judge. They is actually getting out of hand it is getting out of hand. And the reason why is getting out of hand is because we had a Republican House Republican Senate we had we owned it all and so we were advancing Trump's agenda, even though half of our party, the never Trumpers the establishment. You know were dragging their feet were the anchor and yet still things were getting done. Now, we have the never Trumpers pushed out, unfortunately, the Democrats want back one one back the house. So now, they're going to be using the courts to try to fight against President Trump, not just warning his executive orders, but you know, launching investigations and lawsuits on every move that he makes. Contrasts with Mark Stein's his view towards that towards a compare that with the meek Brzezinski, Mika Brzezinski on the court stepping in the overnight breaking news that federal judge has temporarily blocked the Trump administration from barring asylum for migrants who enter the country outside a legal port of entry President Trump issued a proclamation back on November ninth saying that anyone who cross border illegally would be in trouble for asylum. That was challenged in court by the and the center for constitutional rights and the federal judge ruled the policy is likely a violation of federal asylum. Until December nineteenth really can't get into all of this. But it really is not a violation. I mean, the president's lawyers are crafty what you have here you have president the whole the whole doctor thing that was set up a by. Setup to decorative order, and it was dismantled by executive order. But all of us that when President Trump tries uses executive order is unconstitutional. We're gonna put a stay on that gained the left plays that a lot of are getting very very tired of very tired of in de Broc. Obama is back in the news. He's actually doing some shade against president. Trump will talk about that at six thirty five.

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