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That you have to keep in mind is that when you buy from bengal dot com we do not charge any service fees, so fans on average are going to save about 30%. Over the secondary market when they buy directly to the Bangles, and it's worth pointing out and you guys have gone out of your way to make sure that fans know this. But for those who are attending on Sunday or are thinking about it, you're not getting a paper ticket. Everything is scanned. And so you've got to be ready for that, right? Right. We've gone all mobile with our ticketing. We started that last year as part of the pandemic as a safety measure. Well, it went so well, so we've expanded that and we're going to be staying that way for the foreseeable future. Um, I love what you said earlier, by the way about the injury report, Joburg playing. I think that the thing that we can't stress enough is that the player Joe Burrow himself has mentioned it how excited he is to be able to finally play and NFL game in front of a full crowd. This is going to be his first chance to do that. We would really love everybody out there to help support us and push this thing to a sell out Well, and look, I think the team is better But being at those games last year, and it was looking was it was great to go to an NFL game. You abided by the rules. You know what? I was just happy to have a ticket at the same time. A. The NFL atmosphere isn't about 12,000 people in the stands, B. Playing home games is about making life difficult for the opposing offense. You could not do that last year. Hector were times I can hear the cadences at the line of scrimmage. That can't be the case for the defense on Sunday. Absolutely agree there. And I think that what people don't get is that this town is jacked up over this team and I we feel it. The fact that we are going to be so close to a seller might even get all the way there. It's just proof that I mean, the crowd is going to be rocking on Sunday. I think you're going to want to be there. But all the other things that Elizabeth Blackburn and team have done to help improve the game day experience. This will be so many people first chance to finally experience that the that the ruler of the jungle I'm so excited for Sunday. Yeah, the rule of the jungle and look at the new uniform will be a lot of folks who go inside Paul Brown Stadium or people who are listening to us right now Thinking about going down to PBS on Sunday and the atmosphere and what they see and what they feel is going to be different than it has been even as recently as a couple of years ago. And all I ask is that people give us a chance to prove it because I think that what you're going to see is that People are going to roll your eyes a little bit. Say, Hey, you know what? I've heard that before, but pressed us come out. It's going to be rocking on Sunday Bengals dot com purchase tickets with no fees, and by the way, you still have season ticket packages on sale, right? We do.

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