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We have a GM rebate of 4000 plus 7 50, a GM conquest bonus. And 0% financing for 72 months, and we have zero for 72 on all 2020 and 2021, Buicks and GMC models, excluding the New Yukon all offers with approved credit through GM financial Conquest bonus is any non GM vehicle 2007 or newer, but all this ends February 1st 2021. We've cornered the market in GMC Sierras with the three liter diesel engine GMC. We are professional grade. Classic Buick GMC Collins and I 20 in Arlington or visit US at classic Arlington dot com. Oh, I want to thank you. December at classic Buick GMC was the biggest ever Magic OT General manager of Moritz Kia, We have something special for everyone. Today you can lease a new 2021 Kia Forte l excess for only 2 29 a month. This is a 36 month lease 12,000 miles per year and on Lee first payment, do it delivery. 18 l calculated in the payment and no security deposit is required, and we can offer 0% financing for 75 months on new 2021 Kia sport Egemen idols. Zero for 75 months is $13.33 for every 1000 financed both offers with approved credit through Kia Motors finance. Don't forget Moretz is leading the pack in sales of the Kia Telluride and we have unsold Telluride models coming in this month. Offers in February. 1st 2021 more. It's Kia, the best name in the business back by the best warranty in the business. Las Vegas trail that I 30 in West Fort Worth Highway 10 it Lupe 20 and Hearst and Golden Triangle it I 35 an alliance. I'm Charlie Gilchrist.

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