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Its uranium enrichment activity along this further compromising the already weakened Iran nuclear deal from which President Trump withdrew. There's been a lot of fiery rhetoric. But if this assassination was designed to push Iran to war that is something they can ill afford. It does, though, put the incoming Biden administration into a very awkward position. Report from ABC is James Long Hman, Seattle based U S. Coast Guard icebreaker will be headed north instead of South for its work this year. Almost Kelly Blair explains why normally, the polar star will be headed to Antarctica to help with resupplying the research station near there, but not this year. The Seattle Times reports this week the crew will be heading north to the Arctic. The pandemic has cut back on research and place more restrictions on traveling to prevent more spread of coronavirus. This will be the first time a US icebreaker will cruise in the Arctic waters and nearly 40 years, the captain of the vessel told his crew. They will be trading penguins for polar bears and for the northern lights. The polar star is expected to return to Seattle in early March. Kelly Blier common news In the news time 3 14 traffic every 10 minutes on the forest years, Marina, we have solid traffic, leaving Lynwood south down I five because of a collision of Mountlake Terrace just north of 2/20. Too. Right Lanes are blocked. And this is going to make it tough coming off of the 1 96 the ramp as well from Lin Wood, so that backup begins almost at all there with North Bend I five is slowing down as well to take a looks that slow down begins around one 95th. Across the county line and head up towards to 20th amount like terrorists South down four or five is sluggish now through Bellevue, from about Northeast eight to just passed. I 90 South down I five getting heavier through the South Center area from South center, too. About 200 south on I five heavy from Highway 18 End of Fife and south and high five near 96 Street South into Come on the right lane is blocked Your next Come on traffic at 3 24 The coma Weather outlook will have partly cloudy skies tonight It's going to be chilly into the thirties and that will create some fog First thing tomorrow morning, possibly some freezing fog in the.

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