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Rich people getting busted trying to get their kids into college plane pain, hundreds of thousands of dollars to you know, to be better than everybody because they can but they're not better than everybody. They they they're paying people to either bribe or Photoshop or fake take the test with some other nerd or whatever amazing Laurie Laughlin, the the mom on full house of the uncle jesse's. This is uncle Jesse. Right. It is right. Uncle jesse's white. He didn't get it right better than uncle jesse's. Wi- dukes of hazzard, let me tell you. She was not a looker. There was no wife. Jessie, didn't have a wife. I watched that show. I know I forgot about that. Wasn't a looker. She wasn't around. She died before the war terrible between the state. Well, you always. So so Laurie Laughlin paid five hundred thousand dollars to get her daughter into USC daughters both into USC, right? Okay. Okay. So now, there's a woman who said, hey, look, I got a thirty four and my ACT nerd. It's good. Yeah. I mean, it's a it's a good score four point. Oh GPA. Yeah. A stellar thirty four hundred ACT. She applied to preferred schools USC and UCLA, but she wasn't accepted. Now, she's at like university of del Boca vista, Boca vista. So she's suing in a class action suit saying systems rigged, man. I want my money. Yeah. No, no. I first of all how do you know that you were rejected and these two women, you know, whose mommy was MRs uncle Jesse got him in. You know what I mean? How do you know that that there were plenty of other kids that had a four point? Oh, GPA and scored a stellar thirty four and her ACT there could have been hundred eight thousands of kids like the okay? The the question is who's hotter. Uncle jesse's wife for jesse's wife. Now, the question jesse's wife or Jesse from the dukes of hazzard. Why don't you shut up? You know, what are you ruining the segment? Nope. You are. So it's already ruined already ruined. It the students and parents in the lawsuit said they spent I I hear what you're saying about. How do you know if it's your child that wasn't accepted? How can you prove it? They say we would have never spent the money on admissions. If we had known you were doing this. So it's not about why didn't get in. Because they she got in line ahead of me. They're saying we would never would've applied. So maybe that's illegal twist, and maybe people get paid so everybody who to who applied to let's say USC, correct? Should get their money back. No, no. He didn't get in. No. That's what the lawsuit. Okay. It's eighty bucks, by the way, or something like that people who apply USC in this class action lawsuit are saying if I had known this I wouldn't have wasted my time and money, and then applied this is stupid. I mean, I know everybody wants a handout, I get it. Okay. But some people some people can sue for things that true. Makes sense. This doesn't make sense. I would just say move on your all butthurt because you didn't get into USC. Okay. I get it. You're kind of ticked. Okay. Understand it. You can be mad. But why would you waste my? Why would you waste time and money going to get a lawyer and saying, hey, we wanna sued the school now, I just go on with your life. I don't understand. I understand. Why the parents would be upset? I don't understand why the students would be upset. Because most of these kids who are in college art, pretty darn good schools. They're not in some you know, backwoods in the middle of nowhere. Whatever, you know, taking bad classes there like two lane there university of Maryland other places like that Syracuse. Don't don't poop who the queues on stone. It's an awesome school. Awesome phrase, by the way, is that what's on a shirt don't pooh-poohed accuse Europe's you'll actually. Yeah. Actually, pretty good. Yeah. I wear your buddy. Bob Costas already has I can call. I know. Oh, yeah. I do think that these lawsuits are getting out of hand yesterday. We talked about a lawsuit of five hundred billion. That was one mom. How were you wrong? Five hundred billion dollars worth. How is that even possible? I think I think what I think is that that person suing is a Trump supporter and just wants to build the wall dot com. Oh, Becky Lynn, nothing over three hundred sixty degree back in the okay? Okay. Maybe I should read your is ahead should root for that five hundred billion dollar lawsuit. We get a sweet get a wall on the border somewhere that wouldn't that be ironic? The most liberal colleges in America would actually pay for a wall because of your road apple suggestion. What is a road apples? The second time. You brought it off say that's again that was yesterday. He brought it up is that he still doesn't know. What apple is. I told you what it is. Hold on. What are you going to Google it? Yeah. Google it throwed. Apple, do you know, where it's from Becky Lynn who said that. Now, I don't know where it came from Potter on mash. Oh, really Colonel Potter would say all the time. I think it was something I it, and there's an image. And it's it's it's. It's a parade going down the road. Right. A bunch of crap. It's crap. Literal. It's little rap. Most people know what road apples are that's droppings from an animal. Yes. A horse because I thought about the size of an apple this is a massive one. I'm looking at right now, very good for composting, by the way, and sheep manure, okay? Segment start out as I don't remember people getting cost. It busted busted, imagine that. How did we get to road apples? He's full of he's full of road apples every day. Are you kidding me? I forbid you'd ever say that so I can't wear pants and now I can't say that on the air or you can wear pants. Forbidden from wearing pants. No. I didn't just those coming up next repair pantheon should Arizona's schools allow you to bid on your child's next teacher. Oh, I would get so much more money than you all if it was me and you in front of a class classic children. Oh, I would out. I would out earn. You are you high today? What is the matter with you earn me? Oh, absolutely. As a teacher as a teacher. Can we just talk about should Arizona's schools allow you to bid on on your child's next teacher? Maybe you should take this next segment off next.

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