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Me today is Daniel. Mike Adams are co host. Daniel did you see you. Are you this morning Dr Paul. I am doing doing well So far the war hasn't grown greatly in size but there's a lot of questions that have to be answered. There's a lot the concern around the world. There's a lot of concern and financial markets on holidays Goin- to play out and we went to try to answer some of these questions. I WANNA start off with talking a little bit about Lie Why did we feel or administration feel compelled To assassinate solely only Manta. Yeah and and I would say that there are many things many lies told me. Many much disinformation and hand Yet Sony was arriving in Iraq and so there are different different stories on why our government says he was coming to orchestrate a killing and more Americans and they even go to Ron justifying this by saying well that's legitimate chitimia preemptive killing okay. Because we know he's going to do he's killed a lot of people so there's a lot of information floating around there but it doesn't answer the question. Why why? Why did they feel so strongly about him? Being assassinated for some reason I just don't buy into all of a sudden. They discovered covered this military leader. All Iran decided that he would come in very normal diplomatic manner. Arrive live in a commercial flight and come into Iraq. Iraq's our friends you know. We created that country. There are buddies you know and walking into this this trap and assassinated and it is and I just don't believe it's the fact that they really believed he came came to kill Americans. I WANNA put up a map and show why. I don't think there's any reason why why the Iranians would go out of their way to precipitate a fight with us there it is. We've had it up before right in the center. That's your own and all the flags those who you are basis and he would decide you know come in and have a military attack and start killing more people. Well it doesn't make any sense. Spend it also means that if anybody should feel threatened in some ran you know look this is totally surrounded and how many nukes are there there and how many submarines are sitting out there. The situation is a design to build up great hatred and animosity city toward a leader in country. That we don't like in for a long time. We've been trying to undermine him and they have their imperfections But I'd have to admit that we have more of a moral responsibility to talk about our imperfections. And if we're going in the wrong way and aggravating things. We ought to try to prevent that it from happening. But I think that we could go down a list. You have listen. I have listed. We can't remove all the lies they've been telling but it's mainly to build up hatred trid in America and unfortunately they're very successful whether it's a conservative station or liberal station. The whole effort is design nine to destroy the reputation of this man and that We're we're justified. We're on the moral high ground. And and I think they're closer to their homelands defending their homelands than we are. We're six thousand miles away from home. We continue to aggravate. And we've been doing it for a long time on and this is this is something that unless we change policy is going to continue. But they're very much together. The military forces are made up of United States and Saudis and Israel. And they're the ones who are most vocal about You know destroying being the government of Iran So there are other suggestions on why but I want to go and this is a little bit more. You know about Just why I was he assassinated in the thing is just the same. If you somehow say this was a bad idea. We shouldn't have done it and the things they're saying about Sola. Money aren't true then and of course the reaction among a lot of people. Oh you just love this guy you hate Americans WanNa see them killed. And it's just the same you'd think that after two thousand and three after allies in twenty eleven justifying the attack on Libya and so on and so on and so on you think that people would pause a little bit when they're here the exact same things being being said about the bad guy of the week they would stop a second say. Hey maybe they're lying this time but the claims that were made initially over about the attack attack they are really not holding water. They're they're they're they're falling apart. One of these occur primarily. We'll talk a little bit about the vote in the Iraqi parliament woman yesterday which was which was very significant interesting but during this debate and this has been reported in several media outlets that the acting Prime Minister Mahdi stood it up and explain Sola. Money was actually on a diplomatic mission. The Iraqis had agreed to act as intermediaries between the Saudis. He's in the Iranians and the Saudis had delivered a peace agreement to the Iranians and Solo. Money was going to Baghdad to give his response and this is how the reporting goes which makes it interesting in that the. US knew this was happening. So this kind of throw some cold water on the idea and as you suggested I said earlier here he is. He's coming into town. To plot. Attacks against Americans as waltzing through the airport without a care in the world doesn't seem to make sense so if he was on this mission mission who would be interested in derailing any kind of peace between Iran and Saudi Arabia. And I think it's probably worth speculating on that. I I want to read to headlines in the news came out and again this is not proof of anything but it should make people stop and at least think because what if it is true. What a what? Maybe there is a balanced rather than what you're hearing on the news media people now when you just ask them to trust our government does the trouble. Does the government ever give clear information when they have commissions and study Mary. People don't trust but but immediately they said Oh. Yeah Yeah Yeah. They go along along with propaganda. But here's one One Headline Salamone was in Baghdad on mission for Saudi peace. And say well. That can't be true. You know now they just brushing off but another one Soleimani was to deliver Tehran's reply to Saudi deescalation letter when and killed And this is what the Iraqi prime minister said during the debate. Yeah so this is this is big. If if but even hasn't I owed of truth And of course everything in the past week or so. I can hardly believe that they can get away with blaming Iran on all this. You know It it it doesn't add up it doesn't make sense to me in here you have Trump was in mar-a-lago. Oh he was down there he was. I think he was surrounded with Lindsey Graham Marco Rubio Mike and Mike pompeo. It's it's hardly surprising. He wanted to kill someone after having to deal with these guys all weekend but they presented him some options and military guys present him some options and there was a piece in the New York Times. which again we take everything with a grain of salt here but you take take with a grain of salt suggesting that they presented him the most extreme option which is the assassination in hopes that he will take something less extreme because it sounded so crazy and and he said I'll take that one you know this is what? They reported that he would do that. When we know that POMPEO had floated the idea of assassinating Sola money? I think a year ago or so so again. This undermines reminds the suggestion or the claim made by the administration this was a threat of an imminent attack. And we gotta kill this guy because the attacks coming first of all. I don't see how that would stop attack Jack Anyway because it's not just one guy it's not like he's GonNa run around. You know with with with a bomb and Craig Murray. We've we had his article on our side and he's he's a former UK ambassador Sir in central. You're in Central Asia. He makes a good point and we can talk about this a little bit that when trump saying when when pompeo said an imminent threat of attack he was using a term of Art That's detailed in something called the Bethlehem doctrine of preemptive self defense so imminent according to specific legal definition of that term according to this doctrine doesn't mean what we think it means. It doesn't mean that there is any details. It's it's a concept that means neither soon nor definitely going to happen. It's just a word thrown out. That sounds really scary. And that seems to be the case here you know and we end up with a lot of absurdities in pants contributed to this because pass was explaining. This Sony was responsible for nine eleven. Yes that is to say no even even the trump people well. He's a trump personal embarrassed. Not Too many people buy into that but they just throw throw that out but the other one is that when they voted to kick us out which we never should have been there and we ought to listen and just leave but trump Always likes to get two bills page. She's going to get out if he's going to stay in United Nations or NATO pay your bills pay your bill. So he says we're not gonNA leave until you pay us. You know for US building you this wonderful airbase in that wonderful embassy. I mean that has to be fairly absurd absurd and yet it passed off as as more propaganda you know and in a pump. Speaking of pence will tend to the twelve hijackers. Jacker had we were close to a money. First of all they were there. Were nine thousand. Nine hundred and fifteen of them were Saudis the Saudis were not close to money. You know so the whole thing is cockamamie. It's the same old thing it was. It was a Condoleeza Rice. You know we don't want the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud kind of thing in a lot of people by it but you moved us into our our our second area of topic of conversation which is really fascinating. The Iraqi parliament vote. They got together yesterday and held a vote on the expulsion of US troops. Monty was furious. The acting prime minister was furious about the assassination. Here's a five point action plan that was passed by the Iraqi parliament. Now this is not technically a binding vote because what it does is it tells the Iraqi government part of Mattel's government. Here's what we want you to do. Government has to agree to do it right. Here are the five points and the presence of all foreign troops in the country withdraw the request for assistance from the Anti Isis Global Coalition. which is the basis assist for us being there ban the use of Iraqi airspace by any foreign power and lodged an official complaint to UN over the US air strike so they they voted unanimously and there was some abstentions? The Kurds didn't show up and some of the Sunni parties didn't show up at the largest political party was there the largest block was there..

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