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As the leadoff spot continues, Mr F this and Blank you is back. On blank You, DC's Adam Copeland on the leadoff spot on KNBR, 1045 and 6 80 fie Sports leader. If you stretched gets a fast ball here that you could hit hey does high into center field is believable. Number 20 here and certainly part for Mike Jastremski. I'm a junkie, man. I got problems. I got issues. My name's Adam Copeland. I'm addicted to baseball. I've seen like once a day when I'm sitting home and I'm flipping around on TV, and I do because as far as things that I'm a junkie about I'm a TV junkie, too. I love my content. I love love television was flipping through and I do this almost every day and I pop it on the MLB network just to see what's going on. And a lot of times they're doing the bleacher feature staying there showing you old baseball movies, which is cool catch a few minutes. Of the rookie or something like that. Whatever they're playing, the scout might be on whatever they're playing crying. Thank you Do that was actually on last week, and I got a little bit of that last weekend. Uh, a little bit of league of their own could call there, Dave. Um The last night of flipping through and they said they were doing the all MLB team announcement. I was like this must be old, right? This must be like they must have done this right after the season or yet, again, Major League baseball decide you're going to announce something. You just kind of Berries. It doesn't let anybody know they're gonna do it. I don't see any advertising for this. I didn't see them putting anything up. I didn't see them. You know, in a day where where minor league baseball teams are getting dropped from Stop being affiliates from some of the teams that they were previously associated with Major League baseball teams, which I know that this year has taken a hit on player development, and the minor league system may be changing in the future, just based on how players are paid, how they're taking care of him, and we just went through a whole season where Guys in the low minors didn't get any working didn't get. I mean the extended spring training sites were great, but a lot of these guys just did not play for an entire season. How that affects the development of these players remains to be seen. We also had what we had five rounds of the major league or mine. Early draft, right. We don't get really anything. As far as his minor leagues go. The other thing I fear is that in some of these thieves towns where on a lot of these these mean like San Jose is obviously a big city. But to have AH minor league baseball team. There is kind of cool. A lot of these smaller cities were a lot of the smaller towns, Middle America places that don't have a baseball team or aren't closely associated with the baseball team. That might be how the game continues to grow. Right in there in their neighborhoods or in their communities. And so the fact that they're no longer going to be affiliated with some big league teams is really a bummer that said, We got some great news yesterday for the Giants. I give you some of the affiliates have changed. Now they're gonna have Ah, hi a affiliate up in Eugene, Oregon, which will certainly play a role in in getting scouts out there to look at players. You could get different evaluation when you don't have a guy having to go across the country to Augusta, Georgia are going, But I guess you still got to go after Richmond, Virginia, if you want to see the flying squirrels, but You can also take a guy from single lady Tripoli. If you'd like to skip that double a affiliate and just put him right down there in Sacramento, right up there in Sacramento, But the other news we get yesterday's I'm watching Major League Baseball network announced there They're they're all MLB team, and they do this now like they've done with with the MBA in the NFL. They're they're all league team, and it combines a Ellen and all they put together a first team in a second team. They give you five starting pitchers. They give you to relief pitchers. They give you three outfielders, a designated hitter and so on and so forth. Um, the first team pretty accurate. I think for a 60 game campaign and what we saw last year Sal Perez, that catcher for the Royals. Freddie Freeman, DJ, Let Mayhew Fernando Te teach Junior Manny Machado's The Padres got a couple right up there there, shortstop and third baseman left side of the infield. Mookie Betts of the Dodgers. Mike Trout wants Toto, those your outfielders. I'm gonna pause real quick because this This video went viral on YouTube yesterday. I should override Dave this before the show Mookie Betts. This guy might be the best athlete like in the world Right now. There was a video that went viral and I implore everyone to get check it out. I'll try to retweet it here right after the show when we go to break here, Um it's a video of him first in touch with him like on a football field. He's like in an indoor facility. And it looks like it was like last year, like a couple years ago like he's not. He's not in high school, and he's basically going out to take a pass. And he does this jab. Step on. The cornerback is defending him, but he just absolutely breaks him. It zah move that freak athlete on Lee, a great athlete can make So they show him catching a pass in a football game. No, no, Like well, do you know this guy can can play golf, too? Then they show a couple of videos and Mookie hitting golf balls and he's just paying him. Then they show another one of him standing on the tennis court needs. He's hitting a tennis ball back and forth. By the way, this guy's 5 ft. Nine to flash to him in a basketball gym. He's dunking a basketball and he's banging threes. Then they catch when we all know he's a great bowler. For those who don't know there's a guy who's bold multiple in his career Perfect games. I think he's done some like at the professional level. They show him throw in a couple of perfect games is a bowler, and then they, of course, show him jumping up. Against the wall in the World Series and making that catch and screaming into the air. He's the guy I wanna hate man. He's a guy I really, really, really wanna hate, but it's just so damn fun to watch. And it's such a pain in the ass. We're gonna deal with this guy for for a for the foreseeable future. Don't forget my reaction When they got him. I was laying there. They just canceled baseball. A belly full of white dog like passing seriously. And now you laid in the Dodgers going. They get Mookie Betts seriously anyway. Monkey, of course, makes that all first team once Marshall Ozuna. The Braves is your designated hitter on the first team. The picture. Shane Bieber, Trevor Bauer, Yu Darvish, Max Freed Jacob deGrom and your relievers. What a pays Liam Hendriks and Nick Anderson. By the way, the A's Yesterday I saw we're already talking about how their in house closing option is going to be, Jake Dieteman. Then they were like, Well, what about what about Liam Hendriks? Like somebody asked about that? Well, we haven't made a decision yet, quite yet. Took force. We're still a long way out. But in talking already about who you're closing options would be when you're closer is a free agent. Probably not a good sign. That guy's coming back. Probably not a good sign. He's killing back. Nick Anderson of the Rays was the last one. Now we get to the second team, and this kind of got me fired up yesterday because it will jump to the other names, but Mikey Stransky heard the home run that Dave played coming in there, his 20th home run at Fenway Park last year. It's just one of the coolest moments in my mind..

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