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For this weekend and melissa mccarthy headlines life of the party today you're getting exactly what you expect atomosa mccarthy she's one of those mediums who knows our brand knows her audience delivers on it weird part about life to the party if this is weird is that i mean to me it just struck me and i guess this is my age it reminded me of back to school with rodney dangerfield with the same premise it's a divorced parents who decides they're going to go back to college because their kid goes to this school and that's how they play off each other but in back to school rodney dangerfield was still sort of like survey and was really mean that people and his humor was cutting and and and bid into people but with most of mccarthy's approach she takes a very positive female empowered boost everybody up by their bootstraps take to it which is a fine message but it it's not funny it's not as funny as i as i was hoping it was going to be because it often chooses to be uplifting instead of being really hilarious and so yeah it's a it's a mixed bag for me i like some of it but a lot of times i thought they could have gone for the joke and instead they went for a positive message this is johnny lawrence and i go way back right buddy this guy was the toughest due to my high school when i first moved here from jersey he and i got into it a little bit sky really had it in for me you did move girl are you and i talked about this about six months ago when they announced they were going to do it and then there was a trailer but it's kind of taken off and you are kind of leading the charge on this and you and i are usually pretty pretty right in line with our eighties nostalgia stuff but this cobra kai which is a youtube red exclusive series and a lot of people may not realize what youtube red is but you think this is the reason you should sign up.

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