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Kid who he trusts, he knows, but and he's also bringing in Tyler Adams that he's had in Major League Soccer that he was the assistant coach at Leipzig that brought in Tyler Adams to Leipzig and now a player that he had himself while he was coaching at lightsaber as the first team coach. So yes, the narrative will be it's on Jesse, it's on Jesse marsh and if you don't succeed, it's season American. Now, I've been seeing plenty of people online upset with Craig berley because he cracked a joke about blame the Americans, but there's some truth to that. The narrative exists because we see Brendan errands and we see Tyler Adams. We see Jesse marsh and the forty-niners organization that owns leads united. So is it low hanging fruit? Yes it is. Is it true? Yes it is. And will I happen? Yes, it will happen if things don't go well for them. They will start blaming the Americans. So you talk about replacing a legend from the Jesse marsh perspective. I think the same can be said here for Tyler Adams with Calvin Phillips, right? This is an English international who was a leads academy product, like they love this guy. So I think there's some risk there for Tyler Adams. Of course, much more risk on Jesse marsh, right? He's really in his first window going all in on the Americans, specifically with Adams, Leeds were linked to other dudes hurt, like he, if Jesse marsh wanted a safe play, he could have found it elsewhere. He could have found somebody else to play that. I think it says a lot of just how high he is on Tyler Adams, that he didn't need to pick an American, and even though it's a little more risk to him personally, he still bet on Tyler Adams. I think that tells you exactly what you need to know. And if I'm Tyler Adams, I'm expecting not just to start, but to succeed, because you remember that interview we did. One of the first we did on this show. Remember, he got real kind of not mad, but I think he was like bitter at the question when I asked him about position. There is no more question to your point about him playing center back at Leipzig about his position under Jesse marsh. He's going to play his role. So if anywhere, it's got to be here, right? It has to be here for him. It's going to be here, and he will play and he will play in his role, but you have to keep in mind Jesse marsh isn't just looking for a defensive midfielder. He's looking for a leader. He's looking for a captain. That's the type of player that Tyler Adams is for Jesse marsh. Okay, so you like to go down this road of like, the Americans are hated overseas and the British press is very tough. But sometimes there are some fans that really do like Jesse marsh. Can I show you this example? I don't know if this is safe for TV..

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