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And fifty seven points tired of the boring office cried Los Angeles what if your desk was a dashboard ditch the cubicle and take a ride with the California highway patrol they paid training what you make after will be a pleasant surprise benefits growth opportunities see for yourself go to C. H. P. made for more dot com KBC news is brought to you by the California highway patrol KBC weather tonight sixty four is a vote tomorrow overcast skies with a high of seventy eight currently seventy eight wall that seventy two in Torrance and eighty two in receipt at the dialogue started here in the sixties in the dialogue continues here now where southern California comes to talk seven ninety KABC hi Ryan Pierse KBC news traffic after this Dana bowling gated right Hey there seven nine K. C. ABC dependable traffic right now ninety one freeway westbound before Carmen is a road to car crash earlier the carpool lane and the two left lanes been shut down for a time west bound side of the ninety one you got extremely slow traffic there from about beach Boulevard also ninety one west bend a pioneer Boulevard in Artesia accident there reported just a bit ago middle lanes blocked on the four or five freeway northbound Wilshire Boulevard accident there right side now clearing to the shoulder but the little bit of extra jam and lots of jamming on the one one southbound from Hollywood toward downtown because of an earlier still less dependable traffic I'm.

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