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Like that a lot. What's that supposed to mean? What were you doing before you came to the dance? And they were embarrassed. But they're trying to be nice. Or what times you finally get in a meeting? I know what time you got in. And I'm to see if you're gonna lie to me. Yeah. How'd you get in the front door was locked? But but I mean in small town. That's where you got to see how everybody else behaved. Yeah. There's some revelations on. Okay. Some revelations were we were they take the firetrucks outside of our fire hall. I think we had to maybe you had three an old one. And then you open it up and they'd open up. And so the fire trucks were sitting out in the street. You're with all the cars, and we were all in the fire hall dancing, or you know, or BSN or whatever. In huron. For million here on the giant pheasant here on outside the hotel here on knows that nine countries this great big president. All by loved the clock. Somebody thought that'd be smart to see if you could actually get kicked. Not I. Yeah. But let's. And you take a picture, and it's dark setting the cameras really aren't equipped to get you. Anyway. Have a good weekend doing netted a wedding in Nazi? I shouldn't come in here. Because you make me think about there's a wedding in verbs Minnesota, or is it Frasier where they have the giant Turkey or do. They very very chicken. They did that night. Yeah. I think as either Virga, sir a phrase, I can't remember very chickens. Rossi Rossa Dave Goelz his hometown. Got it. They got a good little restaurant there. Homemade cookies just last week as well. When you're on hind. Yeah. I stopped as they call it chicken capital, Minnesota. I don't know if we have any breaks in Minnesota. So. Here's a big say, hey, have a great call tomorrow. Hey, thanks maxi. You bet Dave Lee tomorrow up next guy. Dave knows. Well, Tony Levin was a coach at Purdue and coach university of Houston in last year to said to give it all up in going to business, and we're chicken fillet restaurant will visit with him nine thirty five. Stay with us real world.

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