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I think egging on a ppar formats it's uh i'm a big believer in rob kelly's broadcoast talent and i think he has a nice second half of the year here but to me he's a risky running back three on sunday row quickly on the cowboy side going back to the cowboys for second i do like jason witness week redskins along the third most fantasy points to opposing tight ends you have josh dots in a little bit higher than i do this week matthew do you expect that what we saw last week and increase workload can continue for him i certainly think he can i think they think he's their most talented wide receiver i don't know that i would disagree with that ran 38 routes in week number seven which was a significant increase over what he had done the entire year prior to that and he leads the redskins an area arts for target like when they take deep shots a lot of times they're doing it to dotson i think about how dallas of i'm sorry how kirk houses has attacked the cowboys in the past 12 different completions the gain twenty or more yards in the two games that he played against the cowboys last year so josh dots and to me inter week with six teams on a by i think he is a risk reward wide receiver three like i think you could you know i haven't right around like thirty and then he still wanted was still a wide receiver that we think as a chance to make a more prominent impact going forward will see i i've not quite there personally but perhaps that changes if he sees not just the contest the consistent workload but also some production there are still needs to be more productive player before i have too much confidence in him the scheme be is game is being played in the nation's capital i'm taking the cowboys sorry matthew.

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