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To save the wilderness and any endangered picnic baskets go online to Geico dot com slash local to find a Geico agent near you. All right, By the way, Steve Alexander you next year microphone. You know how we do some of the jokes at 9 30. We play them at 11 30. So we'll give you the best jokes of the week here in just a couple of minutes. But when we tell the jokes at 9 30 on Fridays, we replay the best up and then we say text and tell us which the best one is. Part of the tradition of that is my forgetting to tell you which one So we always say, Colin will announce it. I never do right. Best joke of the week. According to our listeners, you will hear all 11 of the best of in about 20 minutes was the underwear joke. The underwear joke. That's what I said. LF goes, yeah. The underwear joke. Remember the underwear joke? No, it's the one where the guy says I told my wife that her underwear is too revealing and tight, And she said, Well, then where your own right That's not a bad joke. No, not at all. That's the one that the audience felt was the best, but you and I had difference. Different ones for our favorites. Yeah, I like the melon one. I think I like the sweetener. One on the humidity do well, we've got a bunch of the replay will come your way at 11 35 be there for that. Be the be here for this. David Schultz is with us. The author of Presidential Swing States is a constitutional law professor at Hamlin University. When we have questions about the Constitution, we like to defer to an expert earlier, Thomas Jefferson was on with us. Although he was not the author of the Constitution and was not in this country when it was written. He was your declaration of independence guy. But next to I don't know. Maybe Monroe or Madison or Adam's, I would put David Schultz up there with the best of them. Professor. Welcome back. You're on WGN. How are you? I'm doing very well on a side note here. You need to bring me back some time for jokes. My grandfather used to be in vaudeville that Jimmy Durante. I know a ton of them. It's so funny. You say that because I'd host a music show here and Sunday nights, we play great songs by great American singers from the American Songbook standards, and I'm going to play back to back each week. I do. One artist a back to back and I'm doing Jimmy Durante back to back this week. His music with you. This time you listen to Jimmy Durante song. It is so warm. It is so fun. Jimmy Durante. How about that? So what's your connection to Jimmy Durante you or was it? Your father? Grandfather? My grandfather, Um, toured with him in vaudeville back in the 19 twenties. Ah! So do you. Do you have a bunch of one liners up your sleeve? Are you ready for Father dude? You could have to do a little preparation, but yes, Um not not right now. We have more important things to talk about, But But, yes. Bring me out at some point, and I will run through a bunch of vaudeville jokes for you. Have we made it to difficulty? Too easy or just about right to remove an unpopular president. It may be just about right. And I say that because we have two different ways, possibly to remove a president. One is the impeachment process. The other is the 25th amendment, and they for very different purposes. Um, the start with the 25th amendment. This was not adapted until 1967. So it's putting away and unfortunately came after the assassination of John F. Kennedy. And it's sort of two purposes of the 25th amendment. One of them is just to clarify lines of succession. What happens if the president dies? Who's supposed to take over But the second part Which is a section of three and four deal with situations where the president used, quoting a line there is unable to perform his duties as president. And when that was written, it was mostly envisioned to address physical issues. For example, Woodrow Wilson who had a stroke, Dwight Eisenhower had had a heart attack. Remember correctly? I think, LBJ eventually. What was it? Um, I think it was And that protected me or something. But the idea was that if something like that happen, there have to be a process where the president could himself. Turned the presidency over to the vice president. But then there's another clause that says that if the vice president and a majority of the Cabinet believed that the president could no longer fulfill the duties of the presidency, they would transmit a letter. To the president, Pro TEM of the Senate speaker of the House say this is our conclusion. Vice President would then become president until such time as the president was able to perform the duties. But the cause, also says if the president disagrees, he gets to essentially send a letter to Congress say I disagree. On Ben. Congress has to resolve the whole thing. That's some point, so there's some process to that. That seems to be reasonable, right? Bitch. Reason of all. I think it's okay because I mean what it's doing this first. It's saying that we're gonna let the people who are working most closely with the president that is his captain and vice president. Make a judgment call regarding his capacities. You know if we have to perform the duties But then has the transmittal to just to the house, don't you? The Congress president gets to appeal. Cabinet has to deliberate again s. Oh, it's it's meant to be white. It's meant to be difficult. Why? Because Uh huh. People have spoken. I mean, for good, bad, ugly. Um, you know a president's of president. And even if he's unpopular, he gets to serve out his whole.

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