Twenty Two Inches discussed on St. Louis Composting Garden Hotline with Mike Miller


I know my has a lot of container plants outside but if i do that is about twenty two inches big enough or should it be bigger and then with our winters do i have to move that inside or can i keep it outside well here's the story that is a little specimen how big how big is the tree that you have i don't have it yet okay well if you buy any any one of the great plant by the way but if you buy one of any size that pot sizes too small so you have to go twenty four twenty six in oh they grow slow but once it's in there and starts rooting you're going to have a heck of a time moving it to a bigger pot yeah so you might as well start with a bigger one but the to answer your question about the winter if you can move it to either the best side is on the east side of your house where the the winds doesn't get it it's gonna be vulnerable to winner damage if you can see and you can also wrap it in burlap you got to have to take precautions for the winner for that plant because it's not that hardy to grow in a container so you're going to have to really find a nice winter spot for away from any wind and hopefully be protected by a little warmth from your house i see okay so at least at twenty four to twenty six yes yes any idea of the container though but i try it and see what happens see what happens the great tree okay thank you very much all.

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