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We're, we're so tribal that because liberals want to say the environment that it's worth it to kill myself and died choking on bad air makes liberals cry. They're liberal tears, everything. Yeah. This other big story, it isn't. This is sort of voted this. Why we concentrate on one story and not the other to me. Giant story of the week was the New York Times printing. That's very very long article about Trump's origin story. He had always told us, I'm rich because my father gave me a small loan of a million dollars. That was always funny to me that he thought that was this mall, but he was off by four hundred and twelve million apparently. It was all daddy's money all along all through his life from the age of three years old. It was all daddy's money and it was fraud money. Fred Trump passed a billion dollars to his kids and should have paid five hundred fifty millions in inheritance taxes on it. That's the law paid fifty. So they cheated the government out of five hundred million dollars. Why isn't that resin that resonate with people? It was gone. Ago, and we. Surprises? Well, it in in the size of it is surprise. I don't take the Jeff's point. Listen, we've, we've always known this president as a con man, right? And so he engaged in tax planning, but he also engaged in tax fraud that was in the New York Times article delivered tax trod. I think the big takeaway from the New York Times story is what a terrible business person Donald Trump acts. Yes. The fact. What I mean by that this is a guy. This is a guy that we know was born on third base and the idiot, instead of stealing home stole second, right. This is an. How everything is father gave it to you. All right. This is an all BS obvious thing for them to us. Here he is Bill came, the working classes, screwing people. I'd right on these back owning two hundred grand a year at age three and the Democrats can't use. That's right activity. He loves the military looks incredible police. He loves the vets but not enough to pay one diamond tax. I know. Longer. They're put out of him for stealing from the government. That's where the Republican party. What are proud of him for stealing from the governments. Desisted he did. He'd beat the system. Just the way this tax cut that's running up the debt that's going to hurt them in the and we're now paying more to service the debt that we pay for Medicare. It's almost five hundred billion dollars a year. Just paying to banks who have lend us money when does when does that common man? The forgotten man that he said he was when does that guy see that this is the wizard of Oz, who's the TOTO who's going to pull back the curtain? But the media helped sell that story from the nineteen seventies. They re times themselves. He consistently were easily provable. Let's check. Does he only homes that he saying he owns? Let's see. Was he number one in his class of Warton which he was not. Let's let's actually fact check some of this and they never did they like to believe the story. I think it was Tina Brown when she ran an excerpt of her book. She's like, I knew it was bullshit, but I, I actually liked the writing. I thought it was a convincing story. And so when you do that, people then buy into the midst, don't be surprised when they they follow that species. Whole life has been constructed lie. It's a Potemkin life of something he wanted to be right, knows deep down. He doesn't have an hour to the ability to be, and he's managed to lay this incredible Pandora's scheme into the presidency of the United States. Yeah, he's still doing it right now. Whatever it is. It is an amazing spell. He's able to catch. It is a salesman of unbelievable skill. You're here and cunning and absolute ruthlessness, and I think we keep underestimating how dangerous this person is. And this phenomenon is this. This. Brings me to my final question because Mike Pence was out there today talking about China. I haven't seen Mike Pence in awhile. I don't know what. Playing though I people say this is the week Trump became president. I felt last week, whereas the week, Lindsey, Graham became vice-president edition for some, okay, but but Trump said it at the UN..

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