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Your chances of winning are one in 38 pretty amazing gym Absolutely Let me ask you do you feel guilty sometimes when you don't contribute to these drives to public radio Why Maybe because you know it is the task you've wanted to do or something tells you pay it I probably should because I listen Well right now the voice in your head is telling you you should probably chip in And you should listen to that voice because it is the collective audience It is our members who make this possible If everyone had the I'm not going to give this drive mentality then we would just have silence every afternoon And nobody wants that 6 7 8 5 5 three 90 90 org slash donate That's the way to get in and to become part of that 84% 84% of our funding comes directly from this Atlanta community So thank you if you've made a pledge of surprise of if you made a pledge of support so far during this drive as well as to our sustainers I'm Lisa Hagan co host of no compromise a Pulitzer Prize winning podcast from NPR W ABE Atlanta and Casey or Kansas City Our series starts as a story about guns but it ends up being about so much more Like the power of social media to amplify misinformation and how we find ourselves in a political landscape where the very concepts of democracy or public health are villainized Never in my life did I expect to win a Pulitzer Let alone the first one ever for NPR and W ABE Because awards aren't why reporters do this work The goal is to tell stories that can teach us something new about our world You make deep investigative reporting possible when you donate Here's how You can do that right now by giving online a W ABE dot org slash donate or with a call to 6 7 8 5 5 three 90 90 and think about it as a supporter of W a BE You won that Pulitzer too right along with us because it's your investment in our station that may Lisa's work possible Thanks again to our very own Lisa Hagen for the work she's done to win that Pulitzer Prize and thanks to you for your gift of support right now It really does feel all the powerful stories you hear on W ABE that we produce with you in mind 6 7 8 5 5 three 90 90 is the number to call in with your contribution and possibly win that $1000 Visa gift card gym Absolutely the odds are very decent but don't let the.

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