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Because he I got to see how real he was. And I was just, I was just really taken aback by his maturity and how serious he was. And it wasn't like he was saying things like, hey, I'm going to go make the bronze at 18. And I'm not going to sit here and say, I knew he was going to do that and then he was a future Hall of Fame player. But I figured he was going to be something because he was so unlike most of the typical teenagers I had talked to in my draft coverage up until that point, and even since. He had already hired a strength and conditioning coach he had hired a skating coach because he knew his skating was subpar. He was getting stronger, and he understood that, you know, with him, he's not. He wasn't overly tall. So he had to have that strong core. I think what keeps 18 year olds typically from reaching the NHL is not that they're not able to skate or they're skilled enough. It's that they're not strong enough and teams are concerned that with a guy like Jack Hughes. Exactly, right? And it's an 82 game season in teams. If they're drafted a kid in the first round, especially higher, or higher up, they have a really important investment in that player. And so what they don't want to do is ruin their investment by either rushing him too soon getting him hurt and destroying his confidence or any myriad things that could happen if you have an 18 year old in NHL. And so for a kid like bergeron to make it as a second rounder, he obviously had to demonstrate that he had the ability. But I think one of the things that really helped him was his maturity, his focus his intelligence and then ultimately, he was a strong, thick core. You know, he guys would try to hit him and blow him up and he would just absorb it. And he was so smart with a lot of times it wasn't in position to take a direct big body hit and things guys I was talking about these quote unquote shutdown. Stay at home defenseman. He made he made snacks out of those guys because he was just a lot smarter and he wouldn't allow himself to get into that situation where they could physically manhandle, let me stay out of away from their reach and he used his own vision and instincts to make plays against guys like that. And then it just, as he went on, he got he got more experienced and we're so fortunate to witness the tree's burger on his career in Boston because it almost didn't happen. When he got hit from behind by Randy Jones, there was talk that he might not ever be the same player. He might not, you know, and he was one hit away from oblivion. And let's be honest, that hasn't changed. He suffered traumatic brain injury and that stuff always stays in the back of your mind, but what he's been able to do in his career since 2008 when he was late 2007 when he took the hit. He's learned to protect himself better and again is experiencing his awareness has allowed him to play a smart brand of hockey to where he's not necessarily in those positions to where an opponent could put him in a situation where he has career my name..

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