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Seven deal. C. D. A L is, we're being told that the evil epidemic is out of control. And then avenue, more times and days and months. Due workers over there have to call and ask for help. They say this latest epidemic, and the conflict over the region of the Democratic Republic Congo is quote out of control. And could become as serious outbreak devastated three countries was Africa for the year two thousand thirteen thousand sixteen. True. It affects affected many other countries. But Liberia Sierra Leone Guinea, a lot of them that trying to think there was one others. There were multiple multiple areas, but totally devastated. Three and they say new case over the past month has increased at the fastest rate says outbreak. Began last year agencies are struggling to enact a political response in areas that have suffered decades conflict, Dev, incredibly fragile health systems, and regular outbreaks of deadly violence. Inclusion armed groups. Jeremy farrar. The welcome trust has called for cease fire to allow health teams to reach the sick and protect others in the community. He goes, very concerned as concerned as one can be whether the absence Quayle scale of west Africa dot none of us know, but this is massive in comparison with any other outbreak in the history of Bulla and is still expanding. It's remarkable. It hasn't spread more. Geographically but the numbers are frightening. And the fact that they are going up is terrifying. Now there's a six to nine months ceasefire broker by the Red Cross or similar bodies if they could broker this, they might be able to stop the spread. There's violence of west Africa freetown-monrovia, but this is on a different scale at it's coming from sources, so right now, how many people have been infected sixteen hundred how many died over a thousand the majority are women and children. We're now at the ten month Mark. I thought I thought it started August, I think we're at the nine month. Mark fatality rate is about sixty seven percent. So the vaccinate everybody tried to contain, and they can't they keep getting the tax. Doctors are being killed is places are being set on fire. And there's areas that are not safe. They I are seat I are CT's who've at three triage units in health, centres burned down have one that the situation North Kivu is increasingly volatile. It's making progress and trying to make progress, these vase -able last week fighters from the armed my rebel group attacked a treatment center. Tembo. This week two patients were killed during an assault on a treatment center Kotla, the second such incident town this month. So if you are told by somebody that you are sick, and you need to come to a treatment center, so you can be quarantined and treated. And you just found out that a couple of your buddies were killed going to one of those places when you be feel like you'll be safe, and, you know where to hide and v wear, you know your territory. And not be at target. How likely are you to leave your safety zone and go? So. They, you know, I'm glad the media's finally giving them attention. But I mean we need I don't know what we need. I think we'd countries in their militia out there and, you know, a nice perimeter clear out the ruble's. Yeah. Do a ceasefire though. The promo ceasefires I always people always ceasefires really not too sure about how that's going to, you know play out now. We're getting some breaking news. A pretty spears may never perform again. Longtime manager Larry Rudolph says a singer may never perform again. He says, as a personal guys are career based on the information I and all the professionals to work with there being told that each basis from what I gathered is clear to me. She should not be going back to Vegas residency. Not on the feature possibly never again. He's manage spears for most of her career going back. I album, you know, hit me, baby. One more time back in ninety nine is that I've been with her for two thirds of her life. I look at her almost like my daughter, very emotional for me. It's really rough personally. I want to find a peaceful happy place. Whatever that means for her. It's not about a career anymore. It's about life. So apparently she scheduled to undergo a psychological evaluation after postponing, her Las Vegas. Residency in the wake of her father's. Recent treatment for ruptured colon says that those spears has rehearsed the show because the residency supposed to start February thirteenth, the Vegas engagement is affecting off. So that's why he started speaking. So they say she's taking time to regroup. Get her head together. She's put into a head of everyone else that I'm proud of her for that. She ever works again. She never works, again my roles to handle her career when she wants a career if he comes back strong and a full desire and passion and wants to do a great is she takes six months, or six years, totally fine. Beats me about a happy place so. She had a very public breakdown years ago. Father became a co conservative, and then there were some issues. I'm not really sure she later checked herself into a healthcare facility from stay. She suffer from stress due to his illness recently and. You know. We are really, really sure what's been going on. They've been very quiet about it. And she does deserve some privacy, honestly. But I see what happens to these people in show business, and she's thirty seven and I it's you can't just quit and so many times, you feel like you're trapped and you shouldn't feel that way, you know, you're a multimillionaire you beautiful you have albums your beautiful, you have talent. But in this type of industry, you have to keep going, and I mean, I have never, ever reached the one, one millionth the start of that some of these people have, but I have been show business. And when you're there, if you don't stay relevant, if you don't continue to put yourself out there. If you don't continue to be a topic of conversation you're done. Now there's very few people that have been able to overcome that. Mario lopez. I think he's still around. I just I, he does spokesperson little lot of TV shows. He's everywhere. Yeah. Musicians like Elton, John share keep coming up with hits, you'll still stay relevant Brittany. We thought she was done, and she made a comeback, Robert Downey junior. We thought was done. He made us huge comeback. Some people they're phenomenal. And then you just don't see them anymore. I was worried about Vigo Mortenson. I think he's one of my favorite actors but he afterward the rings. He kept trudging then he just kept doing fantastic movies. He was picky about his movies. So. But you have to still stay relevant. We discussed the money that it takes once you're famous. No, you can't just go back to, you know, your college apartment, when you're famous, you still need to have you have to have security. You have to, you know, I, I love my call department. It was great. It was wonderful fit. It was good. But, you know, people would come to my house. If I knew where I lived. So now you like, well, you know, maybe a little more security gate. Yeah. But if you're not making money if you're not still out in the public eye. You can't afford to do that. People become rich. I think we'll always be rich famous song out there. Well, no that album doesn't continue to sell you can't live on that. So lot of pressure and becoming a has been is not easy in over here. Stories of people working at WalMart or working at trader Joe's are working, you know, work at target and good for them. Let me good for them for still working, and living. And you know, but that's hard. It's really hard to be famous and on magazine covers. And then, you know, you don't work in an hourly job for a lot of people tell I've got a family to support. I'm going to do it. Good for them. You know when the recession hit, and I was dealing with ObamaCare. I told my husband let me go away tables again. I've made good money. I'd love to wake. He's like figure it out. But, you know, for some of us, that's fine. How for others now. One eight seven seven dollars..

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