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Three hundred. Ninety eight episode of awards cheddar. The hollywood reporter's awards podcast. I'm the host scott feinberg and my guest. Today has been a first rate screen actors actor for twenty years in big studio comedies. Like adam mckay stepbrothers and john lucas and scott. Moore's is bad moms in our house indies. Joey solloway afternoon delight. And tamra jenkins is private life and peak tv series like solloway transparent. And i love dick. Nobody least of all her imagine that this would all lead her to of all places the marvel cinematic universe but it did when she was cast as wanda visions. Nosy neighbor. Agnes who turns out to be more than meets the eye on the disney plus limited series wanda vision for which he has received some of the best reviews of her career and her second emmy nomination this one in the category of best actress in a limited or anthology series four years after her first for transparent i'm talking about katherine han over the course of our conversation. The forty eight year old. And i discussed how she got her first professional gig at the age of twelve what it was like learning to improvise with the frat pack why she has cornered the market. On parts of middle aged women experiencing sexual reawakening 's what it was like playing for marvel the role that she was meant to all along plus much more and so without further ado. Let's go.

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